Instead of either/or, how about together/and?

What Space Decentral strives to create are communities of likeminded people, who know that we can do things better, faster and more efficiently if we finally decided to work together, cooperatively.

While our core group came together over a shared Martian mission, at the same time, we are just as much interested in improving life on Earth. We are not completely disconnected from her, nor will we ever be, when we leave.

We suggest thinking more quantumly instead of binary. A situation of multiple states occurring simultaneously, superposed. So instead of thinking either Earth or Mars, what about Earth and Mars… and the Moon… and Europa and… everything in between and beyond?

Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. It states that, much like waves in classical physics, any two (or more) quantum states can be added together (“superposed”) and the result will be another valid quantum state; and conversely, that every quantum state can be represented as a sum of two or more other distinct states


As mentioned, one “state” we seek are those who feel we must leave planet Earth (eventually) and settle on Mars. Some part of this crew may not feel so strongly about being the first settlers, but they may want to help lay the foundation so they themselves (or their grandchildren) can be settler #100, #1,000, or #10,000.

As time progresses, the probability of surviving on Mars will be increased and the cost of space travel decreased, paving the way from a fantasy becoming what we conceive as a possible reality of our lifetimes.

“One day, we will put it all behind, we’ll say that was just another time, we’ll say that was just another day on earth” — Brian Eno


As mentioned, our cooperative is not only about Mars. We will have many Earth focused initiatives. We do indeed find it extremely pertinent to work out issues with respect to life on Earth and are going to tackle this is in multiple manners:

  • Outlining missions that tackle the United Nation’s Global Issues.
  • Facilitating the creation of intentional communities worldwide, where people can live and tackle the science, engineering, human relations and governance that will be beneficial for people on any and all planets. After all, if we plan to live in outer space together, we need to learn to live together more peacefully on Earth. If 1 billion people want to be part of this movement, we need to determine how to provide opportunities for everyone to reap the benefits.
  • Promoting cooperation over competition. Instead of dividing the two communities (Earth/Outer Space) and having attitudes of superiority, we aim to bring the two communities together and form a synergetic unit.

At the end of the day, what we are aligned with is with humanity and is the quest for equality, knowledge, truth, peace and longevity. Thus, we see deeper levels of cooperation amongst corporations, nonprofits, governments, artists and individuals as the unifying solution for accelerating universal progress, intelligence and human compassion. In fact, the most difficult aspect in engineering the Ideal Space, is “engineering” how value is shared amongst the community to encourage and allow for participation. This needs some thorough economic and scientific thinking.

We have to test out new ways of operating businesses, so we can operate at maximum efficiency as a society, as a world, as a universe, where nobody is left behind. Just as we have seen the effects of taking advantage of our planet, we have seen the effects that the current economy has had on the human psyche. We know it needs repairing. We know it needs humanizing. We know we need to prepare for the day where robots have taken most jobs. This involves reworking how we survive on Earth. Let’s not wait until mass employment to solve this.


While all members of our cooperative do not subscribe to the same conception of the universe, some of us constantly question the nature of our reality, and our individual purpose. We definitely believe our purpose is influenced by our surroundings and our DNA, as we discussed more deeply in our article about evolution. In creating a community that cares not only about Earth, but also Mars, you will likely have members that will ask the following:

“Why go to Mars, when there are a lot of problems to solve here on Earth?”


“Why go to Mars… why don’t you just go live in Death Valley or Antarctica?”

But we believe that it’s hard to change one’s personal “calling” of where they feel their path leads. So the only answer we see is unification, vs. trying to enforce visions. The idea is for the community to find a common ground. That is what peace and cooperation is about, isn’t it? Instead of asking “Why do x, when you can do y instead?” how about we say “Okay you want to x, I want to do y, how do we combine to do them both better, together?”.

Home is where the mind is

Earth and Mars both exist in space, as does the mind. Meaning our organization is not just about outer space to Earth, but also the physical space in which we currently inhabit, and the inner space of our minds.

What if we are Martians? Are we living in a simulation? How else to debunk (or prove) conspiracy theories of evil things happening in Space unless we send machinery to search for answers ;)

What we do know is that we shouldn’t assume to know everything. Along those lines, we shouldn’t assume we know where life originated. For that cannot be scientifically pinpointed unless the truth is searched for more extensively than what has currently been done. Just as the “theory of everything” in relation to physics has yet to be determined, the rules of human biology, evolution and consciousness still require more research, and this means being more microscopic with the cosmic dust surrounding us.

Breaching the edge of knowledge

And that is where space travel and exploration comes into play: we feel strongly that the quest for universal truth is directly related to accelerating through the physical plane. We can only share with you our quest, and maybe it will eventually resonate with you. Maybe strongly enough to change your path to be more directly part of the process of taking action to build new things, from the ground up. Settler #100,000 on Ceres perhaps? Or you’d rather help build a future Earth city? Or engineer an Elysium-like space station that’s orbiting our moon? The edge of knowledge is the limit waiting to be cracked, as we explore more of our universe.