Kicking off the inaugural Space Mission Ideation process

Selecting our first missions, together

NOTE: Updates to this process are here: Space Mission Activation Process

We at Space Decentral are launching a process to propose new space missions with the intention to become activated for community crowdsourcing. New ideas can be proposed either as an individual and/or as self-organized teams. After ideas have been submitted (including existing ones that have been under discussion), we will hold a vote and select one project to activate for each of the three categories presented below.

Near-term mission with potential for immediate commercial applications. Relatively low cost, making use of current available technology or easily achievable innovation.

Example: Explore the halo orbit around L2 where the future Deep Space Gateway would be and broadcast a signal to show both the Earth and the Moon at the same time.

Mid-term mission to improve current technologies or facilities that support manned missions in space.

Example: A sample return facility on the Deep Space Gateway.

Forward looking mission with innovative ideas that pave the way for human settlements outside of Earth.

Example: A city on the moon.

Proposed Schedule

[June 19th, 2018 Update: We revised these dates to allow for a little more time for everyone to put their proposals together. These new dates are included in an updated article.]

The process and schedule of how an idea results in an activated project is described below. We’ve allocated blocks of time to each of the numbered steps below. We would love it if you took a look at this process of how to start being involved. Please also offer any feedback in the Future Forward chat channel, as that is the working group responsible with this Space Mission Ideation process.

1. Team Formation

Post ideas in the forum and roles/help that you are looking for (if any), so you can form proposal teams.

2. Submit Notice of Intent

Submit a notice of intent that you plan on developing a proposal. Include team members and project manager.

3. Begin Proposal Development

Begin drafting the proposal that satisfies the requirements. (Note: will share an updated version of the proposal requirements by June 30th).

4. Submit Proposals

Project proposals are expected to be submitted to the Future Forward repository on Github.

5. Proposal Evaluation

Feedback will be provided by both specialists and community members to help vet projects. Arguments can be provided in favor or against the proposals. Project managers can be matched with projects that are missing them.

  • Proposals that do not meet the open source Space Decentral model will not be eligible for the Project Activation Vote.
  • Proposals that do not find a project manager will not be eligible for the Project Activation Vote.

6. Announce Valid Proposals

Proposals that have been validated for the Project Activation Vote will be announced to the community.

7. Project Activation Vote

Now that new project ideas have been vetted and the community has provided feedback, a vote will occur to select the top project per category.

8. Announce Winning Projects

Winning projects in each category will be announced to the community.

9. Project & Task Planning

After a project is activated, the expectation is that tasks will be defined in an open source repository and community members will begin helping with tasks such as research, design, and planning. During this period, tasks will be fully defined and community members can volunteer for roles.

10. Authorization to Proceed

Now that the project plan and tasks have been defined, they can be further reviewed and then the project can officially become greenlit and work can commence.

About Space Decentral

Space Decentral is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will utilize the blockchain to reinvigorate the push for space exploration with the public in control. Space Decentral will design space missions collaboratively, share research for peer review, crowdsource citizen science efforts, and crowdfund projects that lack national budgets.

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