Pilot Experiment of the Space Decentral Collaboration Process

We invite you to propose our first space missions!

We’re happy to see people discussing new and exciting concepts for space missions in the Space Decentral forum. For those who had the chance to view our talk at the Ethereum Community Conference, you got a preview at how we propose to operate Space Decentral as an autonomous organization that uses Aragon, in such a way that global citizens can unite to collectively develop an open source and strategic space program.

From what we are aware, we are the first organization that has publicly presented a governance process for a how a decentralized space agency can operate. And today, we are excited to launch a pilot of a more simplified Space Decentral Collaboration Process — and we are inviting you to join us now, as we decentralize space — together!

Bootstrapping our working groups

The first step is to join our working groups where you will find our new dedicated chat rooms and our task repositories where members can begin contributing to Space Decentral in exchange for effort points and voting shares.

We highly recommend joining our new chat channels we have set up on Riot. If you have been with us on Telegram, thank you! We will still keep Telegram as our initial welcoming lobby, but we recommend moving collaborative discussions onto either Riot or the forums.

Also, if you want to help lead some of these working groups, let us know!

Read more about our working groups and start collaborating!

Participate in the Space Mission Activation Process

Next, it will be time to propose new project ideas to become activated for community crowdsourcing. New ideas can be proposed either by individuals and/or self-organized teams. Once the proposal period is over, the community will vote on projects to be activated, and teams can be recalibrated to develop these projects. One project will be activated per category:

  • Category 1 — Robotic: Near-term mission with potential for immediate commercial applications. Relatively low cost, making use of current available technology or easily achievable innovation.
  • Category 2 — Human Spaceflight: Mid-term mission to improve current technologies or facilities that support manned missions in space.
  • Category 3 — Expansion: Forward looking mission with innovative ideas that pave the way for human settlements outside of Earth.

Review the space mission activation process

About Space Decentral

Space Decentral is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will utilize the blockchain to reinvigorate the push for space exploration with the public in control. Space Decentral will design space missions collaboratively, share research for peer review, crowdsource citizen science efforts, and crowdfund projects that lack national budgets.

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