Space Decentral spinoff Autark funded to develop next-gen collaboration software

Giulio Prisco
Feb 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Last week I wrote two posts in ChainRift Research, a crypto analytics publication for traders and enthusiasts.

In the first post I cover the progress of Aragon, a container and a digital jurisdiction for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) powered by Ethereum smart contracts.

In the second post I zoom on Autark, a software development team that is building next-generation software for the Aragon platform to enable large decentralized teams to collaborate on world-changing projects.

Several key members of the Autark team are also in Space Decentral, which will use the new blockchain-based collaboration solutions developed by the Autark team to efficiently and effectively develop ambitious space projects, from new media initiatives to demonstrating 3D printing on the Moon using construction materials available on the lunar surface, eventually enabling large scale lunar infrastructure for human settlement.

Autark project lead Yalda Mousavinia, who co-founded Space Cooperative, which is the original organization spearheading the establishment of Space Decentral, explains:

“Autark is a Space Decentral and Space Cooperative spin-off organization, which will be 100% focused on building the tools that will make it easier for people to collaborate on large scale projects in a decentralized fashion — with specialized blockchain-based project management and budgeting tools.”

The Aragon logo represents an eagle. With Autark, the Aragon eagle is flexing its wings in the nest and preparing to reach for the Moon and beyond. But inadequate software could severely limit the ability of large teams to collaborate efficiently on big tasks.

Enter Autark. Following a community vote, the Autark project has been approved by Aragon Network Token (ANT) holders for funding with 390,000 DAI (which is $390,000, since DAI is a stablecoin pegged to the USD).

For my second post, I interviewed Yalda, who confirmed that the applications developed by the Autark team will be integral components of Space Decentral, which will transition to an Aragon DAO within six months. Yalda added:

“No organization in the world has truly tried to tap into the aspect of humanity that has an evolutionary drive to expand. One reason is because we haven’t yet had the tools to attempt this. I don’t know if this will work, but it’s an experiment worth trying.”

Cover image from Pixabay.

Space Decentral

Space Decentral is a decentralized autonomous space agency…

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