Productivity Hacks — Wakey Wakey Sleepy Head

Mornings are the most essential part of your day — they set the tone for everything that follows.

Mornings can be tough, especially if you’re not the kind of person to kick off the covers and go, but it’s worth remembering Aristotle once said, “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”

So how can you maximize your mornings to ensure you get the most out of your day?

  1. Create a morning routine

Having a good morning routine is one of the most crucial steps towards success. A good routine supports relaxation and lowers daily stress which allows you to have a clearer, sharper mind all day which increases your productivity.

It pays to get a strong start to each day as it helps you to feel alert, awake, and motivated. Waking up early puts you firmly in control of each day.

An example of a good morning routine consists of exercise, meditation, drinking water and goal setting.

Exercise is already a common element in morning routines of many people, and for good reason. Research shows that exercise provides a boost in mental acuity that lasts from 4 to 10 hours which is exactly what you need to increase your productivity.

Meditation reduces stress and helps you to focus which means when you address tasks, your mind will focus more naturally and you will experience increased efficiency.

Drinking water as soon as you wake up leaves you feeling more refreshed and happier throughout the day. It also gives you more natural energy through the morning.

Goal setting for what you want to accomplish on that day helps to motivate you through the day and keep you productive.

2. Prepare the night before

Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Some will use the excuse that they don’t have extra time to prepare in advance. Yet, preparing actually saves you time. It reduces errors, prevents re-work, and shortens activities. Properly prepared tasks take much less time to conduct.

When you are prepared, your stress is reduced because you have less to worry about. When you are ready, you are confident.

Preparation should be part of your lifestyle, not something you do once in a blue moon. Preparation should be part of your daily habits in order to increase your overall productivity and become a better and more successful version of yourself.

3. Create a divide between your professional and personal life

Working from home can often be demotivating and unproductive. It can also interfere with your personal life which can cause high levels of stress. It is often better to take yourself out of that situation and work in a different environment to encourage new ways of thinking and give the opportunity to meet new people. We’re a little bias but we think everyone working from home should book into a Spacehop once in a while for a change of scenery and the chance to get the creative juices flowing!