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Why You Should Consider A Coworking Space in 2021 | Spacehuntr

A coworking space offers more than just shared square footage to its residents. At their best, these shared workspaces provide an opportunity to network with other business owners, enjoy a stylish-but-functional work environment, and increase team productivity without dramatically increasing overhead.

Below are five reasons to consider renting a coworking space in 2021.


No matter where you are in the world, most coworking spaces offer a flexible agreement, including month-to-month leases with the option to cancel without fees. Included in your lease is the flexibility to design and customise an office space for your specific needs.

New York-based coworking space, Industrious, offers various workspaces designed to accommodate companies of all sizes and stages. Shared workspaces include access to common areas such as cafés, meeting rooms, lounges, and “wellness rooms”.

In general, coworking spaces offer:

  • A dedicated desk in a locked, private office.
  • A private office for your team, fully furnished and move-in ready.
  • A suite with a dedicated reception area and conference rooms.
  • A standalone office that can be branded and customised for your business, and includes a private entrance, reception area, conference rooms, executive suites, and more.

If your needs are simple, most coworking spaces offer the flexibility to have access to a large common area, complete with shared desks, coffee, and private meeting rooms. Phone booths or ‘breakout rooms’ are also available when you need them. The membership tiers of each coworking space will define the amenities package accessible to you and your team.


One of the biggest benefits to shared office space is the opportunity to connect with other business owners and creatives who are new to your professional network.

Virtually all coworking spaces offer physical commons to gather, member happy hours, and other forms of industry-specific entertainment. These make for great opportunities to share and vet ideas with other people.

Work.Life, a coworking space in London, offers yoga classes, keynote speakers, and pizza every Thursday (along with a robust calendar of other events). Events such as these are a perfect low-key way to broaden your personal and professional network and make connections that can drive your business forward.


When dozens of goal-oriented people work in the same space, the chance for collaboration on a project or initiative becomes more obvious and inviting. Having a professional graphic designer or talented photographer working across the hall (while openly seeking new business) can give you quick means to assess, hire, and collaborate with specialised talent.

Most coworking spaces have large meeting rooms stocked with AV equipment (such as projectors and sound systems). When you have a client that you’d like to share a project with, a stylish coworking space can offer a functional and affordable way to share your ideas.

If you’re looking for a brainstorming escape with your team, coworking space The Mokrin House offers just that. Located in the Serbian countryside, this stunning property provides shared living accommodations in addition to a workspace.

It’s tailored as an option for freelancers, travelling entrepreneurs, and digital nomads looking to get away from the noise of big cities. At Morkin House, you don’t have to worry about meals or entertainment. You and your team are at liberty to focus on collaboration and getting work done.

Cost Savings

Coworking spaces allow sole proprietors and small business owners to work in a fully-equipped office without being forced to worry about setting up something independently. Buying and building the perks (and necessities) of an office is expensive. A coworking space covers this expense for small businesses and allows entrepreneurs to have a business address to send and receive product shipments.

Compared to renting an office, a shared workspace can offer significant savings. Shared workspaces also include bottomless access to basic perks like coffee, snacks, and AV equipment. Built-in business services like business mail, printing services, and reception services can help keep your business model lean in the short term.

At least one coworking space is mobilising affordable workspaces to fit a generation of decentralised workers. Kantoor Karavaan offers a reimagined caravan, including WiFi, a coffee machine, desk space, electricity, and towable space in which to get your work done, wherever you choose to park.

Coworking spaces compete with one another to offer the best benefit packages to their tenants. Everything from the location to interior design to member amenities is curated to entice business owners to rent a desk or a private office space.

Located in the heart of Paris, Volumes offers more than just big desks and free coffee. Their perks also include an onsite workshop fully-equipped with a laser cutter, milling machine, and a 3D printer. Volumes also offer a food lab for culinary startups to experiment with new recipes.

If your business needs space-but not much of it-research coworking in your area and debate the perks and limitations with your team. Tours of shared workspaces are free and helpful, as they can help you learn in advance the kinds of businesses that will surround you in your new accommodations. Research any reviews that exist for the communities themselves and make sure to ask to see a calendar of events.

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