Shoot the Moon

Dev Bharel
Nov 14, 2019 · 5 min read

Spaceman ID is excited to announce the first of our giveaway events to test our SMS SSI Custody Wallets and get self sovereign identities in the hands of as many people as we can. What’s self sovereign identity? Read this to find out.

We’re announcing our “Shoot the Moon” series of events that’ll start November 19 and last til Feb 29th. Throughout the event, users can interact with their digital wallets to cryptographically connect with other users, collect digital credentials, and otherwise interact with the SSI ecosystem to earn cookies.

These cookies are used in two ways. Firstly, they can be cracked open at a chance at a prize. If you end up with just stardust after cracking your cookies, not to worry! Simply earning cookies enters you in the running for prizes that go to top cookie collectors. At the end of “Shoot the Moon” top three cookie earners* will also get to pick their favorite prizes.

To get started, text ‘register username’ to +16193590376 replacing the word username with your favorite username. Type ‘help’ to get a list of commands for the wallet you just created. It will automatically lower case the username (no uppercase letters allowed) as well as reject any special characters.

*in case of a tie, the winner will be the larger number of connections, if that is tied, then whoever got the larger cookie count first is awarded the win.

Top Cookie Earners Terms and Conditions Apply

Cookie Breakers Terms and Conditions Apply

Cookies and How to Earn Them!

Cookies are awarded automatically when you do something.

  1. Every time you and a friend connect with each other, you’ll both get a cookie. To add other friends, have your friend register by texting “register username” to +1 (619) 359–0376 then, add them by texting “contact add friendname” replacing friendname with their username. They accept, and you’re both connected! This is the best way to get more cookies.
  2. Accepting one of the digital credentials offered by us or our partners earns you 5 cookies. To request a Phone_Number credential, checkout .
  3. Logging in to for the first time earns you 5 cookies

You can also earn cookies through things that require 3–5 business days to confirm.

  1. Follow Spaceman ID on Facebook & Twitter to earn a cookie for each follow. To claim these, simply message us on the given platform with your wallet name and we’ll send you cookies! Limit to one follow per user per platform.
  2. Follow along our social media for more cookie giveaways


So after cracking through your space cookies, you were notified you earned a prize! What now?

Well, head over to and you’ll find a ‘Redeem’ page on your dashboard. Prizes are limited to US residents only. You can redeem a prize ticket for one of the following:

Spaceman Swag Collection:

Show off your future thinking with custom Space Helmets and Spacesuit outfit along with an assortment of other Spaceman Swag.

Year Supply Of Ramen:

Finals are coming up and there is no better brain food than Hot&Spicy Slurpalicious Microwavable Ramen. Pairs well with Arnold Palmers.

Ready To Mingle Bundle:

1 year of Tinder Plus, Hinge Premium, Bumble Premium and at-home STI Kit in case any of those end up working for you.

Nicolas Cage Mega Set:

A VERY large assortment of Nicolas Cage gear such as bedsheets, shirts, onesies, pillows, etc.

Nerf Arsenal:

How many NERF guns do you think you could have in your room? Do you want that number times a thousand? I’m not hearing a No.

Visa Gift Card:

$350 VISA gift card. You swipe, it buys you things, basically the perfect relationship.

Travel Voucher:

$500 Travel Voucher to plan your dream vacation or stress filled hackathon weekend.

Game On Bundle:

A choice of Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch Bundles


Why are you doing this?

  • We want to incentivize a public beta test for our developer tools (API & Custody Wallets) and to build a base of users who all have SSI wallets + credentials.

What is SSI?

What is Spaceman ID?

  • Spaceman ID offers a range of products to help web services implement self sovereign identity. Using our API toolkit, anyone can get started by adding a “Login with Anything” button to their website. Our custody wallets help developers integrate self sovereign identity into their existing applications without requiring the download of a third party wallet. Our multi platform integrations mean that developers don’t have to choose which SSI platform to back, they can support all of them with just one integration of Spaceman ID.

What is a digital wallet?

  • Wallets are pieces of software that maintain your digital cards, keep a list of cryptographic connections with your peers, and fulfill requests for identity information as approved by you.

What does registering do?

  • Registering with Spaceman ID’s SMS service creates a Custody Hyperledger Aries wallet held on our servers where users can maintain cryptographic connections, collect digital cards, and use to fulfill prompts.

What does connecting with another user do?

  • Connecting with another user tells your wallet to send the user a set of keys to encrypt messages with and a service endpoint where to contact you. A service endpoint is like your digital mailing address for special types of messages, and cryptographic keys are like a secret code so only your wallet can understand the message when it receives it.

What is a digital card?

  • A digital card, or a digital credential, is a document that says something about you signed by some authority stating that they have verified the given information about you. The signature cannot be forged, as such, we know the document to be legitimate.

What is a prompt?

  • A prompt is when someone asks you to show proof for some information. For example, they might ask to see a signed document (a digital card) that attests your phone number. They could restrict this requirement to asking for a phone number that’s been specifically signed and issued by a specific entity, like Spaceman ID.

Does cracking a cookie reduce my earned cookies?

  • It does not!

I don’t have a US number, can I still participate?

  • Sorry, for this giveaway we’re only working with United States residents due to the legalese required for international giveaways.

How do I see how many cookies I have?

  • ‘stm getinfo’ will return you how many cookies you have, how many you’ve earned total, and if you have any prizes waiting to be redeemed

What if I run into an error?

  • Submit an Error Report if you run into a problem here.

Spaceman ID

Spaceman ID is a startup focusing on self sovereign identity, decentralized governance, and developer evangelism.

Thanks to Jacob Frey and Alexis Falquier

Dev Bharel

Written by

Cofounder @ Spaceman.ID

Spaceman ID

Spaceman ID is a startup focusing on self sovereign identity, decentralized governance, and developer evangelism.

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