Smapp 0.2 — a Sneak Peek

Aviv Eyal
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5 min readMay 31, 2021

Smapp (short for the Spacemesh App) is a Spacemesh cryptocurrency wallet and an interface for running a Spacemesh full p2p node on Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops.

Smapp is designed to enable people who are not comfortable with using command-line apps to smesh (participate in Spacemesh consensus protocol and mine Spacemesh coins) and to send and receive Spacemesh coins.

This short visual post provides a quick overview of some of the new features and improvements coming your way in Smapp Release 0.2, which will launch along with the Spacemesh TweedleDum second-generation open testnet.

Thanks to the awesome Global Spacemesh Community for your feedback on Smapp for the current open Spacemesh Testnet. Keep it coming, Keep it real!

Just Click to Smesh

Smapp Release 0.2 First Time User Experience

Smapp’s first time user experience is designed to get you smeshing (mining Spacemesh coins) quickly and effortlessly. You create a wallet, protect it with a password, and continue to create Proof of Space data on your hard drive.

Proof of Space data is what enables you to participate in the Spacemesh protocol and smesh Spacemesh coins.

When the one-time setup is complete, your computer joins the Spacemesh network and starts participating in the Spacemesh consensus protocol. After that, you start earning Spacemesh coins as your reward for participating.

We spent some effort trying to make it so that this interaction can be completed with as few clicks as possible, without compromising on security. Wallet files should be password protected and users should be able to control how much space they want to commit to Spacemesh, as well as being able to select which processor they want to create the data with.

A Streamlined User Interface

We streamlined the main user interface based on users’ feedback on earlier releases of Smapp. Gone is the much-loved (and honestly sometimes less-than-loved) big status bar at the top of the screen. Status and commands now have homes in four main screens — Network, Smeshing, Dashboard and Wallet.

New Wallet Screen

The revamped wallet screen displays your account balance and recent transactions, and enables you to quickly send Spacemesh coins to another account. Notice the new purple square button next to your account. Clicking it opens the Spacemesh explorer in your web browser where you can see more details about your account and transactions.

New Smeshing Screen

The new Smeshing screen provides you with information about your Proof of Space setup. It allows you to easily increase or decrease your proof of space data size, view your current Proof of Space status and check when you are eligible to participate in the Spacemesh consensus protocol so that you can earn coin rewards for participation.

New Network Screen

The all-new network screen ID is dedicated to displaying the real-time operational status of your managed Spacemesh node as well as general information about the Spacemesh network. Previous releases of Smapp mixed this information with smeshing-related information, making it hard for users to parse, as there were too many kinds of information condensed in one screen.

Node Error in the Network Screen

When your node fails due to an issue, you can now also restart it from this screen with a click of a button. You no longer need to restart the whole app to do this, like you used to.

An Improved Transaction Details View

Transaction Details View in the Transaction Log Screen

We revamped the transaction’s details view in the transactions log screen, which was not very clear in previous releases of Smapp. We added links to the Spacemesh Explorer for additional in-depth information about the transaction and about the sender’s and the receiver’s accounts.

Hello Wallet-only Mode 👋

With previous releases, Smapp always started a managed Spacemesh p2p full node on your computer. This is great for smeshing and for participating in the Spacemesh consensus protocol, but not so great if you only want to use Smapp’s wallet features for Spacemesh coins.

With the new release, you can now set up Smapp as a wallet without running a locally-managed Spacemesh p2p node on your computer.

Set up wallet-only with one-click on first Smapp session
Wallet Only Mode — data from a public Spacemesh API service

Wallet-only mode is useful when you just want to have a functional Spacemesh wallet on your computer, but you don’t want to run a Spacemesh p2p full node or smesh.

In wallet-only mode, you can check your account balance, review the status of your past transactions, see new incoming transactions, and even submit new transactions to the network for processing. And as a bonus, Smapp consumes much less computer resources in this mode so it is less demanding on even old and slow computers.

Note: for this convenience you lose some of the strong security guarantees provided to you by running your own Spacemesh full p2p node, as you need to trust that the Spacemesh API provider will provide you with correct information and submit transactions on your behalf for processing.

You can easily configure which API provider you want to connect to from available providers on the Internet, and you can start a local p2p full node at any time.

New Dashboard Screen

New Dashboard Screen

The all-new dashboard screen provides users a high-level view of key Spacemesh network stats using real-time infographics. The dashboard is useful for checking overall network health, total coin circulation, total security (measured in proof of space time committed to the network), and more... Each infographic is clickable to open the Spacemesh network explorer in a web browser where additional detailed data is available for browsing. The dashboard and explorer for the current Spacemesh testnet are also available on the web at and on

Going Deeper…

Smapp is a 100% open source software available on github, and we design it fully in the open on Figma. Check out additional new screens, design flows, and interactive prototypes on the public Spacemesh Figma. Smapp is an Electron App. If you are an Electron developer who’s interested in working on Smapp full time, then please get in touch with us!