🚀 Embarking on Your Space Journey: A Guide from Novice to Captain

Space Nation Online
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4 min readMar 31, 2024


Welcome aboard, captains! As you emerge from your cryosleep chambers, the vast expanse of Space Nation awaits you. Fear not, for we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your way from a fresh recruit to a seasoned captain. So, grab your backpack and let’s dive into the cosmic adventure!

Chapter One: Awaken

In Space Nation, endless possibilities await, but before you can claim the title of captain, you must start with the missions. Each task is a chance to explore the universe, uncover lost artifacts, and bask in the brilliance of the cosmos. Let’s follow the missions and get better acquainted with Space Nation!

Main Quests

Follow the main storyline missions, embark on thrilling adventures, and reap generous rewards. As you seek out lost extraterrestrial relics, the universe will reveal its splendor.

Remember, life is full of challenges, especially as mission difficulties increase. But fear not! If the main quests prove daunting, tackle side missions or daily tasks. Even battling space pirates can boost your experience!

Side Quests

Complete side missions for extra rewards and delve deeper into the personal stories of each character.

Daily Quests

Earn experience, resources, and valuable items by completing daily tasks.

Character Growth

Enhance your combat and adventure levels through wilderness battles. As your level rises, unlock new character skills that provide attribute boosts.

Congratulations! You’ve shed your novice status, but this is just the beginning. Brave soldier, prepare for new challenges!

Chapter Two: Higher Challenges

Part One: Crews, Upgrades, and…Blueprints?

Ah, my valiant soldiers! The final showdown with the Interstellar Ghosts must have been intense. But fear not — I anticipated your need for camaraderie. Assemble your crew! With their companionship, you’ll navigate the cosmos even better.

To become a qualified captain, grow alongside your crew and upgrade your equipment. Remember, well-crafted gear is essential. The materials you collected during previous adventures are the building blocks of your growth.

Spacecraft Upgrade

Build powerful spaceship components and equip them for significant enhancements. Purchase and equip armor from merchants at space bases to increase your ship’s survivability.

And hold on! Is that a Combat Space Craft Blueprint? Treasure it — it’s rare!

Part Two: My Combat Space Craft, My Showtime 🌟

Lucky you! Possessing this Combat Space Craft Blueprint is your first step toward victory. I believe your ship will conquer all challenges. Don’t worry — I’ll guide you through the process. Brace yourself for new trials!

Crafting your vessel isn’t easy. Before constructing your ship, gather sufficient materials. Explore auction houses, mine resources, and continue defeating those Interstellar Ghosts!

Auction House: Trade using CHR (in-game currency) for permitted in-game items (both NFT and non-NFT).

  • Refine materials using the refining machine. If you’re short on funds, consider auctioning surplus materials.

Imagine piloting your self-created spacecraft through the cosmos! You can even showcase it to your comrades in the training arena. Remember my advice: In the upcoming PvP battles, unleash your custom ship and give those opponents a cosmic kick!

Chapter Three: Aye, Aye, Captain!

Time flies — it feels like just minutes ago you were a rookie soldier. Now, you’re a capable captain. Go forth, explore more possibilities in Space Nation!

This, my friend, is your cosmic opera!