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101 workshops

Last month we reached the number of 100 workshops realized with our clients.

At the very first start, 3 years ago, we proposed the “standalone” workshop concept: in 3 group work sessions, we can develop a digital strategy, prototype an app or a website. And today it has become an essential part of our methodology. We trained our internal team, invested in relevant equipment and even developed our own to gradually integrate these workshops into the various stages of all our projects.

These workshops were designed using a universal methodological approach: whatever the size of the organization (from start-ups to international NGOs) and the level of maturity in strategic thinking, the magic happens: tongues are untied, people express themselves, collaborate, challenge each other. We are surprised to regularly manage discussions to ensure that everyone can express themselves and be heard. Because it is the first kiss-cool effect of our workshops: it’s some kind of a “team building” and people” free themself from the chains of daily professional habits.


One observation quickly became obvious: the great importance of the empathic dimension in the involvement of the speakers during the sessions. There is of course a playful aspect that allows you to join the method, but it goes far beyond that. Even the most shy speakers end up “dramatizing” their presentations.

The second effect is the speed of intervention: at the end of the workshop sessions, an action plan is sketched up with concrete proposals for implementation: specifications, prototypes, a sitemap, an information architecture, a “tone of voice” for storytelling, a planning, tasks on a Kanban view, tools or technologies to be prioritized…

5 workshops to meet the plurality of needs

Design implies understanding and proposing. Understand a problem, organize the needs, propose strategies and solutions… all these actions are meant to ensure a perfect match between needs and solutions. Whether it is defining targets, specifying their needs, thinking about technical solutions, prototyping on paper or directly in the browser, questioning the legality of all the processes and services put in place, we have developed methodologies to confine complexity and obtain results.

Read more about our workshops on our website.



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