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Become a #SPAICER, Image: © WZL | Daniel Trauth & Semjon Becker

Co-Authors: Thomas Bergs (WZL), Andreas Feuerhack (senseering), Christian Gülpen (Time), Sabine Janzen (DFKI), Wolfgang Maass (DFKI), Patrick Mattfeld (WZL), Philipp Niemietz (WZL), Frank Piller (Time) — alphabetical order

Is #SPAICER making an impact?

You tell me!

The #SPAICER project will only be continued, if we succeed in convincing The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and its jury respectively, that #SPAICER is making an impact to the economy. Therefore, we need your voice. If you might speak for your company, we invite you to sign a Letter of Intent (no strings attached!) to express your support. As an individual, please use a 30 sec google form instead.

For Companies — A soft letter of intent (LOI)

We have prepared a (soft) letter of intent, both in DE and EN, which you are welcome to use to express your support. The LOI commits you to nothing. It only signals to the BMWi that you have a strong interest in the results of the #SPAICER project and would be happy if the project continues.

But if you are very interested and want to be part of the implementation phase, you can apply in the lower part of the LOI. We will get in touch with you. If we are all successful, your company can be financially supported by the BMWi.

Sign and fill out these LOIs using Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF-Editor.

For Individuals — a simple Google form

We have no doubt that you are either an expert in the field of resilience, production engineering, AI or IT, so we only want to know two things from you: Do you work more with machines or people and do you believe that #SPAICER’s vision will succeed?

Get in contact

You have questions or want to join/contribute in any way?


Ask for Sabine or write an E-Mail | Follow DFKI on Twitter


Ask for Christian or write an E-Mail | Follow Christian on Twitter


Ask for Daniel or write an E-Mail | Follow Daniel on Twitter

Footer, Image: © WZL | Daniel Trauth & Semjon Becker




The vision of the #SPAICER research project is to develop a framework model for AI-based resilience management for production companies in production networks.

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Daniel Trauth

Daniel Trauth

Co-Fdr. of senseering GmbH. Working w/ @rwth_wzl of @RWTH Aachen Univ twds the #InternetOfProduction.

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