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A SPANKtember to Remember

It’s leather weather, and you know what that means: riding crops! All jokes aside, fall may be upon us, but things are still as hot as ever at SpankChain this September. While 2020 continues to be a wild ride, we are grateful to have good news to report!

UNIversal Income

Let’s be honest, not all the best things in a life are free, but loyalty… that’s priceless.

To reward us for being the first liquidity pool on Uniswap, UNI gave us a bunch of free tokens. Yeeee Hawww!

And because we’re all about paying it forward, we are currently working on a program to reward our own loyal supporters. So stay-tuned or mosey on over to our #SpankBank channel on our Discord, Spanklings.

SpankPay is ready for primetime

If there’s one thing we love to see, it’s sex workers reaping the benefits of crypto and making their money work for them.

With rumors of IndieBill shutting down going around, there’s no better time to make a personal payment portal. Your customers can pay you with crypto or debit card, we charge only a 1% fee, and you can withdraw in crypto or to your bank at any time!

When it comes to online adult entertainment, crypto payments offer a more empowered future to both content creators and consumers alike. Content may be king, but the privacy and autonomy that crypto affords are definitely Queen. Sign up for SpankPay today!

We’re happy to promote your profile too, so once you’re all set up tweet a link out to your profile and tag us so we can help spread the word!

Sex work in the news

While COVID definitely threw a wrench into business as usual for IRL (and even some online) sex work, according to the New York Times, the market for intimate objects being sold online is booming. We’re talking sexy feet snaps, gym socks, and even straight-up cookies (no that’s not a euphemism for anything — actual cookies for $200 a batch). One online dominatrix recounts selling a pair of pantyhose to the tune of $1,500 on multiple occasions. With all these transactions at play, we can only hope that most of these content creators are keen to the crypto-verse, and not just for privacy’s sake, but for the sake of their bottom line.

All eyes on PJ

We got to shoot with the very talented PH, and she was *Tony the Tiger voice* GREAAAT! P is a very beautiful person inside and out, and she has a great personality and smile to boot. We had reached out to her via Instagram. As a newcomer on the sex work and modeling scene, she was jazzed to take part in our monthly feature. Her goal was to take a dive into this new world and make a splash, and if there’s anything we love to do, it’s helping people get wet in a major way.

For her shoot, P picked Lil’ Wayne’s “Funeral” and “FWA” albums to set the mood. She mentioned that they had been on heavy rotation on her playlist lately, and it would give her something to twerk with… so to speak.

After a song or two, she was able to get in the zone and quickly, as she adapted to being in front of the lens. (It’s not as easy as it looks, but P is a natural!) We started with FujiFilm Instax photos to get started. Then we added some sexy props to the mix — a blowpop here, a SpankChain crop top there — and we threw in a couple of jokes to keep P smiling.

P had styled herself proper to the shoot, opting for some hot floral fishnets and green bottoms.

As for the grand finale: the iconic SpankChain leather jacket, which P absolutely adored and wanted to try on for her photos. While the jacket wasn’t originally part of the plan, P just couldn’t say no to it, and we don’t blame her.

After all, it is leather weather.

Join the not-so-secret $Spank club

If you hold 42,069 SPANK in a MetaMask wallet and set up a Telegram account, you can join our Sexy $PANK Squad telegram group — it’s the best place to hang out with our team and discuss our future plans!

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