Mar 27, 2018 · 2 min read
Model: Liz Rose

Beginning April 2nd, our cam site beta program will give token holders and community members access to our initial closed beta shows. Our product’s quality and usability are extremely important to us here at SpankChain. This is why testing and gaining valuable insights from the community and industry will help us improve our cam sites performance, initial feature set, and general experience we may have otherwise been unable to test at scale.

For Beta Performers:

For more information about our model beta program and opportunity to grow with us, please email All models who are selected for our cam site beta program will:

  • Keep 100% of the tips they receive
  • Per show compensation in both $USD and SPANK
  • Receive a SpankChain swag welcome package

We do ask that models provide us with the following:

  • Provide feedback and insight on features and show goal structure
  • Report bugs to better our internal products and services
  • Verify SpankCard’s ease of use

Each beta performer must fill out a bug report after every broadcast (it’s a short google form) so that our developers can actively work on any issues in real time.

For Beta Viewers:

Prior to each show, SpankChain will post the show’s direct link in our Discord. To join our Discord, please click this link. Viewers participating in our cam site beta program will:

  • Test and gain feedback from a diverse set of viewers around our Cascading WebRTC
  • Test and verify our payment processing usability and experience
  • Receive a SpankChain swag package as a reward for completing a bug report
Everyone loves a ‘Beta’

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For more information about the SpankChain project:


The only blockchain based payment service solution for the adult industry.


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A cryptoeconomic powered adult entertainment ecosystem built on the Ethereum network.


The only blockchain based payment service solution for the adult industry.

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