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Back to the Future

April was all about taking one step back to go ten steps forward. From our return to L.A. to the release of SpankPay V2, we’ve spent the past several weeks getting back to our roots. There’s been a lot to keep track of, so in case you missed it, here’s the 411.

California Roll

The team headed back to the City of Angels for a sun-kissed company holiday in honor of 4/20. While we were there, we puffed, passed, and worked with some of our favorite local talent to shoot sizzling content. It was great to be back in our home city, see the logo on our old office, reconnect with familiar faces, and meet new ones.

Rabbit Season

You know we never miss an opportunity to share the love with our community, and by love, we mean cash. We rang in Easter with a sexy bunny contest on Twitter, and let’s just say JC wasn’t the only thing “rising” that day.

Five lucky winners were selected at random and awarded $200 for their participation.

SpankPay V2 has landed!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s well worth the wait! We’re super stoked about all the upgrades and developments, which include a much sexier and streamlined UI, reduced fees, and free payments between SpankPay accounts.

Make sure to check out our press release for more details!

Bienvenido a Miami

Spank is headed to Miami next week for XBIZ. We’re so excited to reconnect with one of our favorite adult communities. We will be debuting our new product, SpankMatch, an adult social networking platform for serious (and seriously sexy) content creators and professionals. Come hang, learn more. We’re inviting models with 10k+ followers to come snap a pic at our booth and earn $100 just for signing up. Space is limited, so don’t blow your shot!

Join us at our “white party” afterparty

XBIZ attendees and SPANK friends, we are hosting a special event on Monday night. Stop by and meet the team.

SpankMate of the Month

They say blondes have more fun, but that’s just because they haven’t met Katie Ricci, our April SpankMate of the Month. This tatted vixen and not-so-secret gamer may not have a clean mouth, but she does have a pure heart. Check out her sexy snaps from her photoshoot and learn more about Katie in the exclusive interview below.

Stage name: Katie Ricci

Twitter: @katiericcixx


Where are you from? Denver.

What turns you on? Oysters and champagne with someone who’s heavily tattooed and well spoken.

What turns you off? Anybody who’s going to try to talk to me about sports or cars.

What’s your ideal late-night snack? Leftover Chinese food!

What’s the secret to your heart? Being an artist of any kind, but I’m a sucker for musicians.

What do you find sexy in a partner? Emotional intelligence and communication skills.

You may look innocent but ____. I swear like a sailor, and I talk a lot of shit.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Gathering a bunch of snacks, getting under a blanket, and spending hours on my couch playing video games.

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