An onboarding and educational tool to finally give titties their day on the Ethereum blockchain.

Feb 9, 2018 · 3 min read

January 2018 will forever be known as the year that SpankChain arrived on the scene of the adult Industry. January is traditionally the busiest time of the adult entertainment industry, between XBIZ and AVN — their conferences, expos, and corresponding award shows, we were able to make connections within all of the scopes and areas of adult. One very important thing we immediately realized was a common reaction among models, what is cryptocurrency? How does it work?

In came CryptoTitties. A simple tool to educate, onboard, and reward the community just for getting involved; we created an incentive to learn how ETH payments work and most importantly how cryptocurrency can benefit our industry by providing them with safer and more secure ways to receive and store payments.

We came up with the concept of CryptoTitties as a tool to help onboard models to understand and utilize cryptocurrency through practical application. To demonstrate the power of peer-to-peer money, we built a simple dapp (decentralized application) that would still be congruent with performers’ current career actions and goals.

Here is how it works:

  • We list pictures of ‘titties’ from performers (including but not limited to, pornstars, cam models, and the like) along with their Ethereum addresses.
  • This allows viewers to easily tip them through an integrated browser wallet such as Metamask or CipherBrowser.
  • The pictures are listed by rank which is determined by the total amount of ETH that has been tipped.
  • All tips go directly to the models
  • Those who want to support their favorite models are encouraged to tip them generously to make sure they stay on top of the CryptoTitties rankings.

The mechanics may be simple, but it has been inspired by our discovery that if you want people to learn about cryptocurrency, the easiest way to instill interest in learning is by giving them some. Once people have been given the gift of crypto, they tend to be far more motivated to educate themselves about what cryptocurrency is, and how it works in general.

We are proud to be doing our part in contributing to the widespread understanding and adoption of cryptocurrency. During the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, we gave out $100 cash to all of the models who came to our booth to get their “CryptoTitty” pictures taken and set up CipherBrowser; the most advanced Ethereum wallet available. It was both great fun and incredibly rewarding for us to be able to help those in the adult industry take their first steps into the world of crypto, and our hope is that the rest of the crypto community joins us in welcoming the adult community by giving them something everyone values and understands: money.

CryptoTitties and CipherBrowser onboarding party at our booth with KarmaRX, MysticalBianca, @noitsdanuu, and Jane Wilde!

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The only blockchain based payment service solution for the adult industry.


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A cryptoeconomic powered adult entertainment ecosystem built on the Ethereum network.


The only blockchain based payment service solution for the adult industry.

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