Lust Was in the Air

Mar 30 · 4 min read

It may still be cold outside, but things have been nothing but hot and hotter over at SpankHQ. Our Valentine’s Day celebration was a wild success, and we finished out the month strong with lots of exciting updates. Gird your loins, ladies and gents, and read on for all the highlights.

Spank Pay goes Global

It was only a matter of time before Spank took the world by storm, and now that Spank Pay has enabled international transfers, we’re well on our way. That’s right folks, now you can withdraw your funds and transfer them to banks in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Europe, and, of course, the good ol’ US of A.

SpankPay now supports international banking!

Almost spring cleaning

At SpankPay, we like to keep things clean and tidy, so you guys can have more fun getting down and dirty. We spent much of February gussying up the UI on the mobile dashboard. We also tweaked the look, feel, and copy of the onboarding experience to make singing up that much sexier and seamless. Plus, we added PornHub, JustForFans, and IWantClips to the profile social links so models can expand their reach.

Connect your SpankPay profile to all your platforms!

SpankBank v2

With Ethereum’s sudden rise in popularity, the SpankBank gas fees have made it too expensive to use as originally designed. In order to improve the efficiency of our community rewards, we’ve upgraded to the SpankBank v2. The smart contracts are the same, but now instead of requiring monthly check-ins, stakers can stake or check-in once for the whole year and claim rewards once per quarter. Given the delay in this newsletter update, we’ve extended staking window for Q1 by 1 week. Stake by April 6th to be eligible for our first community distribution on April 7th. You can stake using our (now fixed) SpankBank UI at

For more details, please check out our SpankBank v2 Upgrade Plan and please join our discord if you have any questions!

Also a quick reminder to our long-time stakers and SPANK holders — the last day to claim your UNI airdrop rewards is May 1st. Claim your UNI rewards now! To check your eligibility, look up your SPANK staker/holder addresses here.

Thank you King Hayden of Uniswap for your generosity to anal.eth!

Our sexy Valentine’s Day

You showed us yours, and we showed you the money! We rang in V-Day with a very special photo contest on Twitter. You sent us your favorite Valentine’s Day inspired, SFW snaps, and we gave $300 to the pic with the most RTs, $200 to the runner-up, and $100 to 5 randomly selected babes.

Fap it up for our winners and make sure to drop them a token (crypto pun intended) of your affection over on SpankPay.

Coming in at #1 was the queen of our hearts, Aphrodite. You can hail her royal highness at:

Our second-place cutie was all that and a bag of catnip. Show Kalai, aka Infatuated Kitty some love at:

And just in case you missed it, feast your wandering eyes on our five randomly selected V-day winners.

SpankMate of the Month

Meet Kisa, our February SpankMate. This Eurasian bombshell graced us with her presence with a super sexy V-day themed photoshoot. Kisa pulled out all the stops: we’re talking red lingerie, lace, pleather, dangerously high heels and a stare that will bring you to your knees. Don’t be fooled, though… This voluptuous vixen is actually a hopeless romantic at heart.

Stagename: Kisa

Instagram handle: KisaDFit.SG

Twitter handle: KisaDFitSG


I was born in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

What are your ambitions?

Many include some sort of art form. [I’m] also working on getting my real estate license.

Any hidden talents?

I have a throat grip. [I’m] also artistic.

You may look innocent but ________.

I’m pretty sure I am innocent.

Your favorite body feature is________.

I really like hands.

What do you find attractive in a partner?

I don’t have a specific “type.” All my attraction is normally based on connection. So, I guess as long as it’s a good person…

What are your turn ons?

When a person naturally makes and continues conversation instead of asking interrogation questions.

What are your turn offs?

When another person is rude or inconsiderate. Also, dirt under nails.

The perfect date would include…

An attentive, caring person.

The secret to your heart is?

Just to find a connection with me and be consistent, I think.

Do you believe in love?

Yes, I love being in love and feeling love. I think it’s a feeling that is super fundamental to humanity, like any other feeling.

Favorite Valentine’s Day treat or candy?

I love candy in general, so nothing specifically for Valentine’s. I normally prefer milk chocolate… So, something of that sort.

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