May 20 · 4 min read

Smells like DeFi Spirit (and Weed)!

Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

For all our SpankPay users who held their funds in BTC at the end of 2020, congratulations! It nearly doubled. Those who kept your cash ETH, your assets almost tripled! That is until Elon Musk decided to give the market a dry hand job with his announcement that Tesla would no longer accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Despite the Musky fuckery, all you crypto cuties are still in the green.

And it’s not just the top two that haul in the big cash. One of our favorite moments came from SPANK token holder Corii Siren when she discovered her UNI token rewards.

“Sorry I’m a little shocked, it’s not every day you get $9,000 out of thin air.”

In today’s dollars, her bounty is worth over 15k!

More Play, Less Pay

All pay and no play, makes jacking a dull hobby, wouldn’t you agree? At SpankPay, we’re all about burning less gas on transactions, so you can save your money for spending on sexy fun. As blockchain technology continues to go mainstream, many networks are developing scalable solutions to reduce processing fees. In the spirit of generosity, we are also exploring innovative ways to trim a little fat off the fees for debit card payments.

Puff, puff, Spank

We’re a 420-friendly bunch over at Spank HQ, so it goes without saying that we rang in the holiday of patron Saint Mary Jane with a fun little contest and some fat blunts. To celebrate, we turned to Twitter and called on our sexy community of models and performers to submit their favorite smoking hot (!), hash-themed photos with the hashtag #SpankMeImHigh.

Four lucky winners were selected and random and awarded a cool $420.

Let’s smoke it up for these four ganja babes!

Holy Hannah smokes!

If you were keeping up with our 420 Twitter contest, you may have recognized a familiar face, the one and only Hannah. This was Hannah’s third SpankChain cameo, her first and second being in June and July of 2020.

Hannah loves shooting with us, and she is always such a blast to work with. These days, we like to think of each other as close friends. This bodacious blonde isn’t all tits and ass, mind you. She has a great personality and strong ideas about our platform, which she’s generously shared with us in the past.

Leading up to our shoot, Hannah completed HOURS of tattoo work on her lower back, hips, and butt cheek. This baddie drove all from Vegas to shoot with us, and we can’t imagine that sitting for 6 hours on a freshly tatted ass was all that comfortable, but Hannah is nothing if not a team player! So this month, let’s Spank it for Hannah! Thank you for being such an iconic member of our community!


This month, we also added one of our favorite stablecoins to our platform, the one, the only DAI! Now you can pay and park your favorite SpankPay crypto assets with the decentralized DAI equivalent of USD. So what’s the big deal? Well this means, your money will always belong to you, which is not the equivalent with platforms like Coinbase. Consider this an appetizer for the DeFi feast to come. Stay tuned!

Pop Shots are popping right along…

As promised SpankPay Pop Shots are well underway. We’re busy collecting quality, USDA-prime content for our first pack from a number of our illustrious talents. Slide into our DMs if you’re a model who wants to join in on our NSFW NFT fun.

We can’t share the official launch date just yet, but anticipation is half the fun, right?

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