So Many Things to be SPANKFUL for!

Dec 17, 2020 · 5 min read

At least we didn’t come early… We know it’s been a while, but better late than never, and we are happy to report Spank is set to finish 2020 strong. We’re squashing bugs and taking names, so getting ready for a big 2021 — HUGE. We’ve seen more and more models sign up over the past month (thanks, everyone), and they’ve been helping us make SpankPay even better (double thanks).

Home for the holidays

Save the political debates for another year, 2020 has been tense enough. Instead, seize your homeward bound holiday to educate friends and family on the virtues of crypto and the future of blockchain. Seeing as how many of us will be celebrating virtually, the conversational context could not be more apropos.

Dashboard’ing through the snow

On the SpankPay front, we integrated a bunch of new bells and whistles for an even sexier, more seamless experience, starting with a new dashboard. You may have already noticed the new look and feel. We reoriented user balances to the top and cleaned up the sales graph. Overall, it’s a lot slimmer, which also makes it much easier to use.

Everyone remembers their first time

It’s better when you know each other, wouldn’t you agree? That’s we added a new FTUE (first time user experience), which front runs profile creation to help models better understand how to use SpankPay.

The onboarding benefits aren’t just for content creators. The FTUE allows both models and merchants to set up their profile, set up banking, plus it gives them the option to hold their earnings in their local currency to stabilize their payments. We kept the onboarding process flexible. You’re allowed to skip ahead if you want, but the FTUE makes sure to tell users what they’re missing, just in case.

If you haven’t already, sign up for SpankPay today!

We put the pro back in profile

That’s right. We did a nice little renovation on profile pages too, adding cleaner, more streamlined payments for both mobile and web. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.


Safety first and always. With everything we know (and don’t know) about the virus, there’s really no excuse not to get tested. That’s why we made COVID-19 tests available on SpankPay, and we are thrilled to report that the response has been super positive (even though we hope everyone tests negative 🤞).

Thank you to everyone doing their part to keep themselves and their communities safe. It’s SUCH a turn on.

To 2021 and beyond

We feel very fortunate to have not only survived the pandemic, but have thrived in these whacky, unprecedented times. It hasn’t been without a lot of creative thinking and some uncomfortable adjustments, but it was all worth the effort. 2021 is shaping up to our best year ever.

We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but what we can tell you (if you haven’t been keeping up) is that crypto is going mainstream in a major way, and the adult industry has proven itself to be pandemic-proof. We’re coming for you Jeff Bezos!

SpankMate of the Month

Say hello to Kyra Rose, our holiday hottie and SpankMate of the month. Put this SpankPay user at the top of your naughty list and show her what a good girl or boy you’ve been with a big fat tip (the kind that goes cha-ching). Peep our exclusive interview with this winter Rose and more pics below.

What are your Ambitions?

My ambitions are to continue to build my brand while also working behind the scenes for the porn industry. I love this industry so much and am excited to create a long term career in it.

List some of your Turn-Ons:

I love giving head, sweet soft kisses on my neck and tits, and I like being a switch in the bedroom. I can dominate you, or be the sweet submissive princess.

List some of your Turn-Offs:

What turns me off is poor hygiene and poor attitude. Take care of your body and your mind!

My ultimate dream job is ____

I would love to be the head of my own model management company one day.

Late at night I love to snack on ____

I always crave pickles late at night, I love sucking and crunching on them.

The secret to my heart is ____

Treat me kindly and I’ll give you the world.

I love to ____ when no ones looking.

Play with my tits.

____ drives me wild.

A nice vibrator and a pretty girl using it on me

I may look innocent but ____

I’ve taken some pretty big dick in my ass before.

My most favorite body feature is ____

My nice tits!

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