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SpankChain Gets in on the Action!

Happy June, we hope you are all staying safe.

At SpankChain we strive to uphold a diversity inclusive environment. These aren’t easy times and we want to tip our hat for everyone working hard to make our world a better place.

Every little bit counts.

At 3am, while working at our Downtown Las Vegas Creative Studio, people flooded the streets and we ended up with front row seats.

One of our staff was a little too close and got hit with a rubber bullet. We picked up a souvenir. And then we got right back to work.

Spank Celebrates Women’s Rights

The adult industry is heating up about respecting women’s rights. We are here to do our part by making our photoshoots fun and creating content for women performers to feel both sexy and empowered. We recently partnered with Serenity to raffle off this sweet gun.

You asked. We built.

Last month, customers identified an issue with underpayments in the SpankPay checkout flow. Some customers were slightly underpaying, but then in their eagerness to consume the content they just paid for, quickly closed the SpankPay iframe. Unfortunately, when they tried to checkout again, they found that they had to start from the beginning, and that the money they had already paid had not been credited.

We added an underpayment flow to handle this which addressed most of it, but there were still a few customers who would exit so quickly they still skipped the underpayment flow screen.

In response, we announced an interstitial full-page checkout to streamline payments. Now users won’t be able to accidentally exit the payment flow before it is completed by clicking outside the iframe. Even if users accidentally refresh their browser, they will maintain their place in the checkout process.

However, some merchants requested an iframe that keeps the entire checkout experience on a single page. In order to cater to both, we built an SDK option so merchants can choose between the original iframe checkout and a full-page checkout to be released soon (in QA now).

Crypto is Growing Up

Crypto became mainstream in 2017 and the industry is catching up, evolving crypto beyond a simple store of value. Crypto now brings a world of DeFi, payment processors, stablecoins, digital gold, non-fungible tokens, accounting platforms, gaming, and much more.

But some people are being left behind. While Paypal made some pretty exciting announcements this month bringing crypto to traditional platforms, just a few months ago they ruthlessly excluded adult performers without warning.

Our job is to keep payments safe and sexy no matter who you are. Our values are expanding worldwide. New global partners are approaching to support our talented community to join the amazing new projects in our pipeline.

In the meantime, stay tuned for a hot summer as we launch our ambassador program and showcase more liberated female performers.

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