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You can’t spell summer without Spank — well, you definitely can, but that’s not the point. What we’re trying to say is that summer has been as hot as ever at Spank HQ, and we’re not talking about climate change. Haven’t been keeping up, no sweat? Kick back, cool off, and keep reading for all the latest and greatest updates.

Game, set, SpankMatch

After an exclusive pre-launch sign-up initiative, we are pleased to report that the beta of SpankMatch is L-I-V-E, live! Forget Twitter, SpankMatch is the best way for adult industry professionals to connect online. No more shady shoots. With SpankMatch, you call the shots from location to scene type. Sign up today and learn more about our referral program for cash perks! Oh, and we’re giving away a special merch box to the 50 new members with complete profiles, so don’t sleep on those details.

To commemorate this momentous release, we also debuted a fun commercial featuring none other than our very founder, Ameen Soleimani.

Make summer love to the camera

It wouldn’t be a Spank summer without a contest. So, we hosted a friendly, seasonally themed photo competition on Twitter and gave 6 lucky participants $250 in cash-money for their sexy snaps.

Congratulations to all the winners!

It’s never too late to get tested!

A little while back, we sponsored our first Mgen testing initiative at XBIZ. If there’s anything COVID taught us, it’s that health should come first and always, and we shouldn’t wait for a global health crisis to get our proverbial shit together. So stay educated, get checked out, and if you’re in the Las Vegas area, Team Spank is happy to sponsor your test with one of our partner testing centers. Sign up today!

SpankMate of the Month

Meet our July SpankMate, the booby and bootylicious, Electra Rayne. This blond bombshell and impassioned equestrian is equal parts brains and curves, and let’s just say she has a generous amount of the latter. So, boys and girls… without any further ado, let’s meet this equal opportunity lover, shall we?

Stage name: Electra Rayne

Instagram: @ElectraFromChicago

Twitter: @ElectraRayne

SpankPay: ElectraRayne

What’s your hometown? Chicago

What are your long-term ambitions? To purchase enough land to bring my horse home and to build a paradise for him.

Do you have any hidden talents? I’m weirdly good at navigating health insurance.

What turns you on? Watching, being watched, first times, and gay shit.

What turns you off? Disregarding safety.

What’s your dream job? Aquarium chemist.

What’s your favorite late-night snack? Soft pretzels.

The secret to your heart is ____. Really gorgeous horseback rides.

You love to ____ when no ones looking. Practice calculus.

What drives you wild? Condoms. Really.

What do you find sexy in a partner? Willingness to learn and try new things.

You may look innocent but ____. I’ll make your girlfriend cum harder than you do.

What’s your favorite physical feature on a partner? Arms and shoulders.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Nancy Drew computer games.

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