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Spank Goes Back to School

With summer in rear view (get your head out of the gutter), it’s time to buckle down and get back to school. And over at Spank HQ, we’re ready to grind… and in more ways than one. September saw lots of movement in the cryptosphere, and we’re staying at the forefront of all these new developments and responding in turn. If you haven’t been paying attention, best take notes!

No diggity, all DAO

The team headed to Denver to talk all things DAO at MCON, where Ameen led a talk on the decentralization movement and how to efficiently advance coordination on a global scale.

The rest of the conference was spent making new friends and connecting with OG DAO folks who are seasoned veterans of the crypto game. But don’t get it twisted, these old dogs are in a better position than anyone to learn new tricks.

There’s always time to make love to the camera — even if it’s a quickie. A few members of the Spank Gang squeezed in a couple of photoshoots when they weren’t busy getting bossy.

More B.S. from big banks

In an unfortunately predictable turn of events, Wells Fargo cancelled the accounts of a number of high-profile sex industry professionals, highlighting a pattern of prejudicial treatment of sex workers by legacy financial institutions.

Despite decades-long banking relationships and a squeaky clean financial history, adult performer Teagan Presley and others have found themselves with no way of getting paid or paying their bills.

We said it once and we’ll say it again: enough is enough. News like this reminds us why we keep on fighting the good fight in the name of financial autonomy.

Money moves: ETH merge & ENS giveaway

Ethereum underwent one of its most significant upgrades in transitioning the blockchain back to a proof-of-stake (PosS) mechanism. Without getting into all the sticky tech of it all, this means participating in the network has become more attainable for a lot more users, not just large miners. And you should care because…. ? For starters, the merge to PoS reduces network energy usage by at least 99.95%! It will also alleviate other obstacles to sustainability and scalability in the long-term.

To celebrate this upgrade, Spank hosted an ENS name drop and handed out .eth domains to performers.

Nice FLX, bro

To reward our loyal Spankers, the team executed a FLX drop for those who held SPANK on optimism during 2021 (on or before Feb 14). Thank you and you’re welcome!

SpankMate of the Month

Meet the baddy from the City of Angels, Miss Lily Lane. This bombshell may have more tits, tats, and ass than an honest man can handle, but that doesn’t mean she wants a bad boy. Don’t let her bad-girl vibe deceive you, Lily Lane has a soft spot for nice guys with good hearts and high credit scores.

Stage name: Lily Lane

Instagram: @MsLilyLane

Twitter: @lilylanexxx

SpankPay: Lilylanexxx

What’s your hometown? Los Angeles

What turns you on? Loyalty, kindness, ambition, and money.

What turns you off? Cocky dudes. Bad hygiene.

What’s your dream job? I’m pretty happy with my job right now! But maybe some type of Disney or travel-related job!

What’s your favorite late-night snack? Waffles or fries!

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