Spank Pop Shot—April Fools!

Apr 20 · 2 min read


It looks like we’re the April fools. On the first of the month we tried to pull a fast one on you guys with a fake Twitter announcement for Pop Shots, a new NSFW NFT platform inspired by the popular basketball trading card collectible platform, NBA Top Shot.

Turns out the joke’s on us because you guys take NFTitties quite seriously. Now, we’re making Pop Shot happen. Keep reading for all the sexy deets…


Pop Shots will be sold in packs, with 5 different types of randomly selected cards to collect, based on the good old American standard—sexual baseball:

  • 1st Base: A classy but sassy clothed snap to get your head in the game
  • 2nd Base: The sweater puppies come out to play
  • 3rd Base: Kitty pics or full nude
  • Home Run: Steamy sex scenes and solo fun
  • “Grand Slam”: Each model’s hottest, self-selected on-screen souvenir

We’re currently collecting content for our premiere pack: Spank Amateurs 1st Edition, which will feature an enticing mix of veteran performers and promising young stars!


SpankChain was founded to support sex workers and advocate for their financial agency. When you buy a pack of Pop Shots, not only do you own a sexy piece of history, you’re also supporting your favorite models and performers. For our Spank Amateur 1st Edition pack, 100% of the proceeds will be shared with the featured models.

Furthermore, each Pop Shot is individually re-sellable, and the featured performer will always keep a small percentage of each sale, providing an opportunity for residual income from engaged communities of fans.


Pop Shots will be going live in the coming weeks, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates! Payments will be accepted exclusively through SpankPay, so if you haven’t already done so, get your NFTitties head start and sign up for SpankPay!

Ready for your close-up? If you’re interested in becoming a Pop Shot star, hit us up at

We know you can’t contain your excitement for Pop Shot but in the meantime we encourage you to check out this naughty NFT drop from our friends at Naughty America at ! Nobody does it better!

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For more information about the SpankChain project:


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