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Spank Pop Shot NFTs—This Week! (NSFW)

Update: Our first Pop Shots pack sold out in 90 minutes during our VIP presale! Thanks to all the SPANK OGs for supporting adult models!

Today we are excited to unveil Spank Pop Shots—our NFT platform—in advance of its launch this week!

Pop Shots may have started out as a twitter joke, but due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we realized the joke was on us and got to work. Nobody has been harder at work than our team over the last few months, and we’ve been just aching to release the Spank Pop Shots 1st Edition pack, our first curated collection of pornographic history embodied as authentic digital cards.

Pop Shots Overview

Let’s talk about how it works. As we wrote in our April Fools blog post:

Pop Shots will be sold in packs, with 5 different types of randomly selected cards to collect, based on the good old American standard — sexual baseball:

1st Base: A classy but sassy clothed snap to get your head in the game

2nd Base: The sweater puppies come out to play

3rd Base: Kitty pics or full nude

Home Run: Steamy sex scenes and solo fun

“Grand Slam”: Each model’s hottest, self-selected on-screen souvenir

For the visual learners among you…

Each model will issue 10x of their 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base, and Home Run cards, but their Grand Slam card will be a unique 1/1 NFT that can only be held by one lucky Pop Shots enthusiast at a time.

Pop Shots: History in the Making

Each Pop Shot card represents a historical pornographic moment, and thus has a short video clip you can access through our site, along with an often entrancing GIF preview of the clip. For example, check out this captivating 3rd base card from our sexy advisor, Brenna Sparks:

You can keep scrolling now, or not, the choice is yours…

Your Pop Shots Collection

As you buy more Pop Shots and organize your card collection, it should start to look like a writhing wall of sexy porn moments. You’ll also be able to snoop on other people’s collections, so make sure your collection is HOT AF.

My Pop Shots collection brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours…

Buying Pop Shots

Buying a Pop Shot pack couldn’t be easier. We’ve integrated SpankPay into the checkout process so you can pay with popular cryptos (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, and DAI), your debit card, or even your SpankPay account balance. Since this is our first pack, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the models!

Please note: Our Pop Shots NFTs will be minted on the Polygon network (formerly Matic) to save on fees. If you don’t have any Matic tokens to pay for Polygon transaction fees, don’t worry, you can opt to scoop a few coins during our checkout to make sure you’re all set. If you need help, please check out our Pop Shots User Guide, and if you’re still feeling sexually frustrated please contact our support team.

Pop Shots Presale: SPANK Holders Only!

For our loyal SPANK holding community members, we have a special Pop Shots foreplay perk just for you. Any Ethereum address that has ever held SPANK before midnight 6/9/2021 is eligible to purchase 1 (and only 1) Pop Shot pack during the 24 hour presale window before the official launch. Good luck getting the Pop Shots you want—and please try not to blow your whole load too early!

Your favorite banner as a SPANK holder!

Trading Pop Shots

One you’re a proud owner of a few Pop Shots, the real fun begins. You can trade your Pop Shots with other enthusiasts to try and build up a collection of your most coveted cards. Pop Shots will be available for resale on the OpenSea NFT marketplace on the Polygon (formerly Matic) blockchain to facilitate low-fee trading. For the Spank All Stars 1st Edition cards, 10% of the secondary market sales will be distributed to the models as royalties in perpetuity.

Pop Shots Exclusive Fan Club

For Pop Shots fans lucky enough to receive a 1/1 Grand Slam NFT (or savvy enough to buy one on the secondary market), you’re invited to an exclusive fan club featuring the models from our Spank All Stars 1st Edition pack. The group will be a fun place to chat about crypto, NFTs, adult content, and future Pop Shots announcements. DM us on our SpankPay Twitter for access!

The Pop Shots Philosophy

With Pop Shots, we wanted to digitally replicate the intimate experience of fans buying authenticated merchandise from models. Our CEO, Ameen Soleimani, has had great fun playing superfan through the years and collecting memorabilia at adult conferences. For $20 or so, most models will give you an autographed poster of one of their scenes and a selfie.

Buying an NFT from a model is, in our eyes, the digital equivalent of getting their autograph on a poster of one of their scenes. In meatspace, we had great fun decorating our SpankHouse and office with these posters, which would often lead to funny surprises for visitors…

With Pop Shots, we’re excited to be able to present our NFTs — each capturing a unique moment in the porn career of the model — as digital art for users to collect — and in time, show off in the metaverse.

Are you ready to pop your shot!?

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