SpankChain Autumn Update

Nov 16, 2020 · 4 min read

With Halloween and the elections behind us, Team Spank is thrilled to have a bucket of sexy treats to share with our community. Hold onto your pumpkins, witches, here’s how the spookiest month of the year went at Spank HQ.

UNI: Drop it like it’s hot

As a token (crypto pun intended) to all loyal our SPANK token supporters, we’ve decided to pay some of our serendipitous UNI forward to our supporters. How’s that for a sweet treat? To claim your UNI or to find out if you’re eligible, click here. For more information, please visit the #spankbank channel on our discord.

Wyre, Wyre, updates on fire!

We love our banking integration with Wyre, but requiring all of our users to create and verify Wyre accounts has been a hassle. Fortunately, we just upgraded our Wyre banking integration so our users can still cash out their SpankPay earnings to their bank, but without the need to create a separate Wyre account.

SpankPay Checkout Update

This month we addressed a longstanding SpankPay security issue — double spending. Until now, we’ve accepted Bitcoin & Ethereum payments instantly with 0 confirmations, prioritizing an excellent checkout experience. However, due to a surge in attempts to defraud SpankPay, we have discontinued 0-conf payments for Ethereum payments only. Bitcoin payments will still be accepted instantly with 0 confirmations, as Bitcoin miners default to preventing in-flight transaction replacement, unlike Ethereum miners.

We’re trying to figure out how to bring back 0-conf ETH transactions, but in the meantime we’ve taken the opportunity to update our checkout design to be more friendly for pending payments.

Spankmate of the Month

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present our Spankmate of the Month: Serenity Sky! We met Serenity back in May, when we featured her in our first sexy photoshoot of 2020. Who could forget those vibrant, pink pastel Spank face mask photos. Those hand-painted N*rf guns also made quite the impression.

Working with Serenity was beyond easy. She’s a seasoned pro with plenty of modeling experience under her belt. She wasn’t afraid to offer her input during the project, and most importantly, she was very fun to work with and completely in command of her sex appeal.

One thing you should know: Serenity plays naughty, and once you’ve had a taste, you’re addicted for life!

WARNING: She will ruin you. Despite her sweet, blond girl-next-door looks deceive you, she brings some serious heat!

So, you can’t blame us for bringing her back. This month we featured Serenity in a sinfully sexy nun costume. Lord have mercy, indeed. The playlist gods must have been listening, because Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” came on as soon as she started working her habit, and we don’t think it was a coincidence. We also did a second session in some beautiful orange lingerie — now that’s what we call pumpkin spice!

The shoot went great, not that anyone was surprised. We knocked it out within an hour and bid Serenity farewell. She walked out of the Las Vegas studio a winner with a bag full of Halloween candy and the nun costume from the shoot!

If you enjoyed drooling over Serenity, feel free to tip her on SpankPay! Make sure to follow her on Twitter too!


Happy Halloween!

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