SpankChain Camsite Launches into Public Beta!

Jun 9, 2018 · 3 min read
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SpankChain’s Crypto Camsite is officially headed into the Public Beta phase of its journey! After two months of working with our closed beta performers and viewers to create the best possible camming experience, we’re excited to share what we’ve built with the greater adult performer community. We’ve come a long way in a short time, and we could not have done it without a little help from our friends in Discord. They have guided the direction of our camsite since the beginning, helped prioritize features and notified us of any bugs. The SpankChain community has been exceptionally gracious with their time introducing new people into the world of crypto. They’ve also been extra supportive of our beta performers with generous tips and by creating a fun and respectful environment on the platform. Here are some additional stats and accomplishments achieved during the private beta.

  • 1110 wallets created
  • 48.05 ETH Tipped To Date
  • 0.14369 ETH Made on Average Per Show
  • 48,874 Chat Messages Exchanged
  • 10,585 total tips through the first production-ready payment channels on Ethereum mainnet
  • < 500 Milliseconds Video Latency

The real work is only just beginning. Our camsite is still very much in beta, and there will still be some issues, but with your help we will have the globally premiere camsite. That is why starting Saturday, June 9th (6/9 😏), we will be opening up signups for our US-based performer community. SpankChain is partnering with Aristotle, who will be the custodian of all identification documents. That means that any performer in the US will be able to create an account on our Camsite’s Beta, upload their documents necessary for age verification and taxes, and begin to cam once their IDs are verified (24–72hrs). Due to the legal complexities around international launch (especially with regards to crypto), we will only be able to accept US-based performers at first (viewers can participate from anywhere). We are working tirelessly with our legal team to be able to expand into the international community as soon as possible; stay tuned for updates on this.

Along with the public beta, we will be launching our knowledge base, which can be found at here. It will include everything performers and viewers need to get started on our site. Additionally, it will house a collection of the best crypto resources for those looking to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. All that being said, our community on Discord is among the most knowledgeable and welcoming in the cryptosphere. Everyone is invited. We have thousands of people there willing to help everyone gain the foundational knowledge to succeed in this new parallel financial universe. All we ask is that you maintain and uphold our respectful, inclusive, and supportive values that have been our standard since the beginning of SpankChain.

SpankChain’s mission is to create a more sex-positive, compassionate, and inclusive adult world. We want to provide the necessary tools and resources that will empower artists, entertainers, and creators of all types. We’re only as strong as our community, so we welcome you to help us realize our vision. Happy Spanking!

For more information about the SpankChain project:


Sexy Crypto Payments

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