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SpankChain Development Update 006 — January 31, 2018

Payment Channels

Payment channel development is moving forward. We have started working with the Kyokan team to upgrade the core Machinomy library and get it ready for production, and also to help with SpankWallet (formerly Vynos) UI development.

Mobile Payment Channels

In case you missed it, we announced our support for what we believe is the best Ethereum based mobile wallet (and web browser) out there, Cipher Browser. We extended a $300K open source development grant to Pete Kim to continue developing CipherBrowser and to assist in integrating our payment channels wallet in the near future.

CipherBrowser has quickly become our new favorite toy here at SpankChain, and at AVN this past week we were super excited to onboard all our adult industry friends!

CipherBrowser + SpankChain = ❤

SpankWallet Design

The SpankWallet will be the ​first ​Ethereum ​wallet ​with ​support ​for ​payment ​channels. ​As ​we demonstrated ​in ​our ​tech ​demo, ​it ​allows ​users ​to ​interact ​with ​our ​Payment ​Channel contract ​and ​make ​signed ​off-chain ​payments ​to ​our ​SpankChain ​Hub.

Getting the experience right the first time is a critical ​component to our infrastructure ​since it fundamentally changes how we interact in the adult space. ​In ​place ​of ​the ​status ​quo ​​credit ​card based systems and fee structures ​for ​each ​website, ​users ​with ​a SpankWallet will ​be ​able ​to ​immediately ​start ​using ​and ​making ​payments ​on ​the ​SpankChain ​platform with ​limited ​setup, and thereafter to our partner sites, such as TrenchcoatX and beyond. ​The ​user’s ​Ethereum ​address ​with an option username on top is ​their ​identity, as SpankWallet ​acts ​as ​a passport ​to ​the ​entire ​SpankChain ​ecosystem.

Below we will walk you through a user onboarding flow:

Step 0: Visit the SpankChain camsite
Step 1: Sign up for the SpankWallet
Step 2: Generate private keys and save the seed phrase
Step 3: Fund the newly created account
Step 4: Begin tipping! Shows are free to the public; to tip you must setup your SpankWallet
Step 5: Add more funds and keep tipping!

Streaming Video

Leading up to AVN we conducted several test of our streaming system. Most of our initial testing with the community revolved around WebRTC. For the AVN awards, we ended up using our RTMPHLS implementation:

Our RTMP → HLS setup uses OBS Studio to broadcast an RTMP stream to an RTMP encoding server that trancodes the stream to HLS. The HLS files are then stored on caching servers (CDNs) that serve the static video files. This setup produces quality results and we are looking to see how we can optimize for scale as well.

The above photo collage are examples of our WebRTC and RTMP/HLS tests. Anyone who saw the Fleshlight/breakdancing stream live on SpankChain knows that we‘ve been hard at work. While it was great to get community support to help test our live streams, we are investigating automated tools to help us at larger scale.

We eventually chose to stand-up a live streaming stack using RTMP/HLS. As you all noticed our HLS stream quality was significantly better and was able to scale to hundreds of congruent streams. The total viewing Time of the stream was 52 d 12h 17m with an average viewing time of 20m 19s.

As soon as we got back from the AVN awards, we hit the whiteboard. We have brought in video streaming experts and we’re working with multiple vendors to make sure that our video streaming platform is robust and scaleable, and most importantly that it has the highest possible quality.

Going back to the basics of RTMP/HLS and WebRTC

In the above session we were focused on questions like:

  • What are the trade-offs regarding video latency vs quality for RTMP/HLS and WebRTC? How do these trade-offs affect scalability?
  • What strategies could we use to optimize either of those protocols (for example LHLS, or cascading WebRTC)?

We’ll let you know what we discover in our next dev update!

Connect with SpankChain

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