SpankChain Model Bounty Campaign Announced!

The SpankChain team is excited to announce the launch of the SpankChain Model Bounty Campaign where Cam & Content Models can register with SpankChain and earn over $500.00 in rewards! Any Cam & Content Model is welcome to register by following the link here.

By registering to participate, you’ll receive up to $500+ in both ETH/SPANK tokens which you can either hodl or sell immediately for $USD. The compensation system is tiered and the program is only able to accommodate a maximum of 1,000 registrants so make sure you sign up quickly!

The reward tiers are as follows:

In order to register models will need to have an Ethereum wallet where the reward tokens can be sent. We highly recommend using the MetaMask wallet, if you do not currently have a wallet installed, please watch the following instructional video from Ethlance explaining how to create a MetaMask account.

For additional help creating a MetaMask account, please follow the link here to CryptoCompares guide on how to use MetaMask.

To register, fill out the form here. As a bonus, all who register for the program will also receive a free pair of official SpankChain shorts! Simply email your mailing address to and you will receive your items within two weeks. To view your status on the campaign please click here.

SpankChain is an economic platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that serves the $100B adult entertainment industry.

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