SpankChain Purchase Phase to End Prematurely—11/13 at 10AM PST


The end of the SpankChain auction purchase phase will come prematurely at 10am on Monday November 13th, one day sooner than its original announced ending time at 2pm on Tuesday November 14th.

This means that all buyers must place their deposits and send their bids prior to 10am on Monday November 13th, after that time any attempted deposits will be rejected by the auction smart contract.

The exact block number that the purchase phase will end at is unchanged and is still 4546914. The reason the auction will end earlier than originally announced is because we used a 15s blocktime estimate when calculating the end of the purchase phase instead of a more accurate 13.5s-14s blocktime. We could have easily prevented our error by checking the etherscan blocktime charts.

The SpankChain team will doing our best to notify community members about the updated auction timeline — please help by telling your friends and fellow SpankChain supporters!

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