SpankChain Surpasses Funding Target — 12 Hours Left to Participate!

Nov 13, 2017 · 2 min read

The SpankChain team is thrilled to announce that we have now reached our minimum funding target!

Meaning there is only 12 hours left to participate before the Token Sale event ends. To participate please click here.

The SpankChain team is thrilled to announce that we have surpassed our minimum funding target!

The last several weeks have been a roller coaster and an incredible journey that we couldn’t be happier to have shared with all of you. As for our next steps, we will expanding our development team and marketing operations. We will keep the SpankChain community updated on our progress with product development, notable announcements, as well as some light-hearted banter every once in a while.

The auction is still live for the next few hours so be sure to go to the SpankChain auction page and place your bids! Thanks for joining us on our journey to disrupt the Adult Entertainment Industry!

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