May 2, 2018 · 3 min read
Model: Mocha Puff

We’re a month deep into our Beta Program, so we wanted to share an update! Available to a closed group of about 600, our MVP camsite has hosted over 85 shows to date. Having our models and viewers give us direct feedback on bugs has been highly effective; we’ve been able to quickly address problems with streaming and payments, as well as implement industry leading upgrades. Thank you to our community for all of your help, and to our team for their dedication and fast iterations.

Some eye-catching stats:

  • 24 performers
  • 693 wallets created
  • 27.433 ETH Tipped To Date
  • .322 ETH Made on Average Per Show
  • 0.5 ETH, 0.498 ETH, 0.301 ETH = Our 3 Highest Tips
  • 23,000+ Chat Messages Exchanged
  • 135 Hours of Video Streamed
  • < 500 Milliseconds = Our Video Latency

In reference to our initial product, the camsite has evolved quite a bit. A tool to explain the Ether denomination of FIN (1/1000 ETH) has helped acclimate users new to crypto. Support for emojis, changing text color/size and clickable URL links has drastically improved the in-chat experience. We’ve also added upcoming show cards to the index page and built in the ability to stream from a variety of devices (inclusive of external cameras). The SpankWallet has been completely redesigned, and models can now withdraw ETH to their external accounts.

We’re happy to report the SpankWallet is performing admirably. The biggest issue to date happened when Infura was slow to broadcast transactions to the Ethereum blockchain. Though Infura was quick to respond and address the issue, 24 transactions were marked as failed by the wallet during this time, only to eventually broadcast to the network and become stuck in the SpankChain payment channel. We quickly built in the ability to recover funds on the SpankCard back to your wallet, and began experimenting with our own geth nodes in case we continue to see issues. Infura has been a close collaborator and we’ve been working together to provide transaction guarantees (some exciting optimizations are coming soon — watch this space!)

Our models and viewers have been enthusiastic about our beta site. Glitteri Gabi, one of our beta models shared: “Working with SpankChain as a beta tester is the best opportunity I could have been looking for. We finally have a camming site built for models.” Viewers have provided feedback including “The interface is really easy to use and looks very clean,” “The show felt truly interactive,” and “I really enjoy being a part of this community.”

Down to less than 500 milliseconds, our video latency is becoming one of our most valuable assets. Compared to video latency speeds of 2–4 seconds on other sites, our cam shows support models to engage with viewers in nearly real time ultimately earning them more cash. This advance in streaming quality, in combination with our commitment to no more than 5% fees, is making SpankChain an attractive choice for performers looking to maximize their camming hours. Performer Zhaddie Grey takes the prize for the top two highest earning shows with combined total of close to 4 ETH. As a SpankChain beta model she’s keeping nearly everything she earned, and she also was able to stream a live girl/girl/girl show with two friends, Ginger Banks and Jada Kai. SpankChain’s payout percentage is higher than any other camsite on the market.

By the end of this month we’ll be launching a fully functional version 1 of our camsite. The Beta program has proved highly successful and with the help of our community we’ve been able to quickly create a product ready to take the market. By giving the community a voice we’ve also been able to create a new type of camsite — a simple, fun experience designed with models and viewers in mind. Right now we’re working on creating a standardized tip menu, building out model profiles and refortifying our age verification process. We’ll also soon be hosting exclusive AMAs and community chats through our site — you don’t need to be naked to have fun ;)

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For more information about the SpankChain project:


The only blockchain based payment service solution for the adult industry.


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A cryptoeconomic powered adult entertainment ecosystem built on the Ethereum network.


The only blockchain based payment service solution for the adult industry.

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