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Spotlight w/ Janice Griffith: Why We Need SpankChain

Photo Credit: Chris Nutt

So if you’re here you probably already know who I am, or at least what I do. My name is Janice Griffith, and I’m an adult performer. I’ve been shooting porn for four years now — and in that time I’ve learned a lot about my industry. The porn world is a magical place, it has rules and politics of it’s own creation, but it still falls victim to all of the struggles the “real” world faces. This includes racism, sexism, classism, and the understanding that there is no real ethical consumption under global capitalism. That aside, we as an industry are ostracized from the general population because we do sex work, we are seen as lesser or “dirty” simply because you can see me naked online.

This stigma exists everywhere, sex workers are seen as lesser. However, porn and camming are an extremely visible sect of sex work that rely on advertising and consumption in ways that other traditional forms of sex work do not. We require resources and infrastructure often only available outside of our immediate colleagues, but due to stigma there is a separation. The porn world is seemingly detached from the outside — the world of pornography exists in it’s own bubble; businesses can turn us down for any reason they see fit, including but not limited to banks and payment processors for content driven websites. In this day and age almost all business is conducted online, while the adult entertainment industry is separated from a lot of the realities of life, this is not one of them.

The discrimination we face in dealing with payment processors seriously hinders the inherently innovative nature of our industry, and that’s why I’m so excited about SpankChain.

SpankChain is the first to bring blockchain technology and the concept of a decentralized system to the adult industry, and because of their willingness to understand and adapt, it is going to change everything we know about how to run our businesses.

With SpankChain, we’ll be able to take money that is funeled into keeping sites up and running and instead reinvest it into our own community. Right now, on clipsites, performers like myself will make anywhere from 25–60% of the money we actually earn. Imagine getting only 25–60% of every check you ever made! But SpankChain is going to change that, because this decentralized system doesn’t have costly transaction fees, we’re able to completely eradicate the standard fees that exist today and establish payments structures that are much more reasonable.

Our industry can’t be fixed by outside sources alone, we need to come together. With SpankChain, we’ll be putting more money into the pockets of talent and working hands — instead of payment processors and middlemen — leaving models with more power over their careers and options in how they want to build their legacies. Control over your career trajectory is the ultimate power. Today, there are big hurdles to creating your own content site, such as finding hosts and payment processors to support the site, which seriously inhibit this potential for power and autonomy. I chose to work with the SpankChain team because they care about changing the industry for the better; with the utilization of blockchain, everyone in the adult entertainment field can make more money and stop supporting companies and organizations that shame us while charging us more than anyone else.

If you believe in this mission and want to join us in dismantling systems that no longer serve us, check out our token sale or reach out to our team by joining our Discord. This is a community effort and we are always looking for new perspectives and understanding, we truly want to change how the industry works for the better, and this is how we start.

Connect with SpankChain

To learn more about SpankChain please visit our website, follow us on Twitter, and join our growing Discord community.




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A cryptoeconomic powered adult entertainment ecosystem built on the Ethereum network.

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