The SpankChain Auction Purchase Phase is Now Complete!

The SpankChain auction purchase phase is over! The final amount of ether deposited on the auction contract was 22,904.75506 ETH, totaling $7,175,143.57 (@ $313.26/ETH).

While we have yet to announce the final strike price, we can tell you all with confidence that we have enough bids to hit our $5,000,000 funding minimum while also issuing at least 30% of the total SPANK token supply, meaning the auction was a success!

The auction contract has now entered the 1 week processing phase, and so our team is working as quickly as possible to determine the Strike Price, process all the bids, and complete the auction. We’re hopeful to trigger auction completion within the next 24–48 hours — doing so will enable all buyers to immediately withdraw any purchased SPANK and unspent ETH.

Us going into the final 24 hours with only $2M on the contract…

Stay tuned for more updates! We’re going to move carefully so please be patient with us we conclude our ICO.

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