The SpankChain Product Roadmap

Our plan to upend the adult entertainment industry

Oct 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Last week we shared our first development update, highlighting our state channel auction technology developed for our upcoming token sale.

This week, we are excited to share our current product roadmap, laying out the path we plan to take to liberate the adult entertainment industry from outdated payment processing technology, poor privacy practices, outrageous fees, and rent-seeking middlemen.

Below we have mapped out our roll out strategy, visualizing our expected areas of focus on a quarter by quarter basis for the next two years. This map will be presented in further detail in our whitepaper next week and on our website.

See the full document here

As you may have noticed, state channel technology plays a large role in our vision. We believe that payment channels are a necessity for broad adoption of cryptocurrencies throughout the world and that porn is the perfect avenue to bring them to the masses.

Throughout history, the adult entertainment industry has been the catalyst for numerous technological advancements. Despite the innovations it has spurred, the industry’s employees are still exposed to draconian working conditions, primarily due to a lack of access to tools that would allow them to safely and securely manage their own business interests. With SpankChain we aim to turn the tables, empowering entertainers with a platform which can handle everything from distribution, to payments, to building an engaged community of followers.

We believe in a sex positive future and maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security for sex workers and their clients. Join us on Discord to learn more about how SpankChain will bring these values to the world and how to participate in our upcoming token sale.

Connect with SpankChain

To learn more about SpankChain please visit our website, follow us on Twitter, and join our growing Discord community.


Sexy Crypto Payments

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