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Jan 29, 2017

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Hello — I’m a bot. I’ll be interviewing you

Hello, my name is HARRI — I am your interviewer.

No, no, HARRI cannot interview you…. yet.

But HARRI can answer basic HR and payroll-related questions. HARRI is the first of its kind and is powered by artificial intelligence and emotional response technologies. And of course, it is incapable of being biased.

The rise of artificial intelligence is changing the recruiting funnel.

The recruiting funnel is evolving. We used to have a more simple funnel. But with the advances in technology, the recruiters have more arsenals at their disposal.

The 20th century recruiting funnel was simple, but it had its flaws.

In 1990s and early 2000s, the recruiting funnel has been fairly standardized. The hiring manager wrote the job descriptions and the recruiters got to work. But comparing to today, the recruiting styles were more passive. Recruiters tend to post jobs on job boards such as Monster, Indeed and their company’s website. All they had to do was to wait. Usually resumes would flood in.

With the rise the AI, hiring managers’ expectations have also increased.

The 21st century recruiting funnel is very different. With more advancements in people analytics, predictive validities and the need for soft-skills, the funnel has evolved into a more “360-style” format.

Hiring managers expect a more “360-style” reports before making a decision.

The talent war is on. Companies are willing to pay top dollars for the best of the best. But the expectations are also higher — starting with the recruiting process.

Hard-skills are not enough. Soft-skills are as important.

In most cases, the technical or hard-skills are the 1st set of qualifications that candidates must pass. But up to 89% of employee turnovers is due to attitude, not hard-skills. Organizations care about the culture of their organizations and their employees’ engagement.

In a not-so-far future, we will have robots even doing part of the interviewing for us.

About SparcIt: SparcIt is a technology company with a focus on combining psychological constructs with large-scale semantics analytics. Our flagship product is our well-researched and well-known SparcIt’s Creative Thinking assessment. Unlike traditional assessments, SparcIt’s unique feature is in the use of open-ended exercises and automated scoring. Using a Watson-like engine, SparcIt’s patent-pending engine, accurately and efficiently grades the participants’ responses and provides a detailed report to the participants and the test administrators. Hence, it eliminates the major factors for not using such assessments.

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