Our Investment in Aura

Enjoying our photos at home

Kevin Thau
Spark Capital Publication


Why is it that we take more photos than ever, but we don’t enjoy them in our homes?

We have countless ways to share photos with people. Countless ways to make our photos look beautiful. Still, there is no good way to consume our own photos in our homes.

We agonize over what photo to print, what frame to buy, and where we can squeeze it on our walls or shelves. Most of the time we just say forget it and browse the camera roll on our phone. Maybe we setup that Apple TV screen saver thing. Probably not.

Or, you might be like me and have tons of pictures of your first kid around the house and zero of kid number three. It’s like she doesn’t exist. It’s crazy… we spend so much time in our homes and never surround ourselves with all of the wonderful memories we have captured.

This is why I am so excited about our investment in Aura.

Finally, a beautifully designed frame that I feel good about decorating my home with. No SD card slot. It just easily connects to my Wi-Fi and has a companion app for my iPhone that lets me curate all of my favorite photos I want displayed on each of my frames.

Enjoying-all-of-the-amazing-pictures-of-my family-in-my-house-problem…solved.

When I thought about joining Spark and becoming an investor after spending almost two decades working at start-ups, I was motivated by pretty much one thing: getting involved with creative people at the very early stage of their journey. That’s what drew me to Haven, Bumpers, Sidewire and that’s what got me excited about Aura.

I have known Eric and Abdur since 2008 when we worked at Twitter together. They are that amazing combination of technical and product savvy entrepreneurs. When we heard their vision for having ambient displays all over your house and met the team they were building… we were in.