Our investment in Lightmatter

By Santo Politi

“A decision by a global alliance of chip makers to back away from reliance on Moore’s Law, a principle that has guided tech companies from the giant mainframes of the 1960s to today’s smartphones, shows that the industry may need to rethink the central tenet of Silicon Valley’s innovation ethos.” — New York Times

Artificial intelligence is no longer a theory and now in use in our everyday lives. From ride-sharing apps to spam filters in our email to mobile check depositing — AI is already pervasive across everyday tasks and technologies in a way that enhances consumer and business experiences for the better.

And yet even with all of this activity, it’s clear we’re still in the early days of the artificial intelligence revolution. AI was born due to a combination of increasingly sophisticated computational power combined with an explosion of data, and as these algorithms continue to develop, advance applications of AI will stretch the limits of existing computer processors.

That’s why I got very interested in what Dr. Nicholas Harris, Darius Bunandar, and Thomas Graham — a team out of MIT’s Quantum Photonics Laboratory — has accomplished. Lightmatter has developed breakthrough technology that I believe will accelerate the next generation of artificial intelligence using light. And let’s face it, I want to get in the good graces of our future robot overlords by investing in the company that’s going to make them exceedingly smarter.

You can read more about what this team has accomplished here. For artificial intelligence to reach its true potential, massive leaps forward in computational power and chips will be required. I’m delighted to invest in the team at Lightmatter whose breakthrough will usher us into this future and look forward to being on this journey with them.