1 Line of Code, 1000 + NLP in 200+ languages with John Snow Labs’ NLU in Python

100+ Embeddings, 50+ Classifiers, 200+ Languages, Infinite Power — The richest NLP tool on the Market!

Understanding text data with NLU
12 of the greatest and latest features in NLP in just 1 line of code

What does NLU 0.1 include?

NLU provides everything a data scientist might want to wish for in one line of code!

  • 100+ of the latest NLP word embeddings ( BERT, ELMO, ALBERT, XLNET, GLOVE, BIOBERT, ELECTRA, COVIDBERT) and different variations of them
  • 50+ of the latest NLP sentence embeddings ( BERT, ELECTRA, USE) and different variations of them
  • 50+ Classifiers
  • Labeled and Unlabeled Dependency parsing
  • Spell Checking
  • Various text-preprocessing and cleaning methods

    Choose the right tool for the right task!
    Whether you analyze movies or twitter, NLU has the right model for you!

What classifiers does NLU 0.1 include?

This is just a brief overview of classifiers that NLU has to offer.

  • Part of Speech
  • 50 Class Questions Classifier
  • Spam Classifier
  • Fake News Classifier
  • Emotion Classifier
  • Cyberbullying Classifier
  • Sarcasm Classifier
  • Toxic Classifier
  • E2E Classifier
  • Sentiment Classifier pre-trained on IMDB movie reviews
  • Sentiment Classifier pre-trained on Twitter
  • Language Classifier for 20 languages
NLU Component types

How does it work?

Easy as pie! You just call nlu.load(model) and pass a string reference to the models you want, some examples :

nlu.load('bert albert elmo electra xlnet').predict(youData)
nlu.load('ner').predict('That was easy')
nlu.load('pos').predict('The fastest way for SOTA POS results')
nlu.load('sentiment').predict('I love nlu!')
nlu.load('sentiment.twitter').predict('@CKL-IT NLU rocks #nlp !')
nlu.load(‘sentiment.imdb’).predict('The Matrix was pretty cool')

That's all you need to know to achieve State of the Art NLP Results!

Your data could be :

  • Pandas dataframe
  • Modin dataframe
  • Spark dataframe
  • Python string
  • List of Python Strings
  • Numpy Array of Strings
Insightful Embedding plots with NLU and T-SNE, comparing BERT, ALBERT, ELMO, ELECTRA, XLNET and GLOVE word embeddings for Part Of Speech

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