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Rahil Shaikh
Mar 18, 2017 · 3 min read

Today is a special day.

We are excited to announce the . A tool that will solve a webmasters content sharing/re-sharing problems.

Spark is fully automated and just needs a one time setup. Spark will automatically share/ re-share your website content to major social media platforms.

So while you are busy creating new content or watching Netflix, spark is driving more traffic to your website and improving audience engagement on your social medial handles.

Why Spark

Creating content is one thing, increasing it’s reach is a different ball game. Bloggers, webmasters usually share new content on all their social media channels, but sharing once is usually not enough. You are constantly gaining new followers and page-likes and your old content is always relevant.

While many of us do it manually, resharing old posts quite a job that content creators dislike. Some of them pay a marketing company/ freelancer to do it.

That’s where Spark comes in. The team behind Spark is a team of Bloggers. So we faced the same problem and then decided to solve the problem.

You can set up Spark to automatically share/ re-share your content on your Facebook page or twitter account. You can also configure when you want your content to be shared. Currently spark supports Wordpress which makes up 17% of the web. Ofcourse there are plans to scale it to all other major platforms.

The Setup

Setting up Spark is easy. Just follow along.

Create Account

Head over to the Spark website and signup. It will ask you to verify your email. Once done you can login.

Install Plugin

Spark requires a lightweight plugin to be installed and activated on your wordpress website. You can get the plugin .

Create Scheduler

Once logged in click on the create button to start the setup wizard.

  • Add website
  • Choose your Facebook Page
  • Add Twitter account
  • Configure Scheduler
  • Manage your schedulers — Schedulers can be managed via the dashboard.

And that’s it your scheduler is up and running.


Spark is a tool made by bloggers for bloggers. Spark will make it easy for bloggers to keep their old content alive by automating the sharing process.

Spark is still in beta and we are continuously working on it to include more exciting features and improvements. Feedback would be much appreciated.

Spark Social App Blog

Automated Content Sharing for Wordpress

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Spark Social App Blog

Automated Content Sharing for Wordpress