My extreme productivity experiment! #2. Getting Stuff Done — Yes We Kanban

After spending the last six months successfully only reading my emails at the end of each day at 4.00pm — this week I had another productivity breakthrough and its not anything I’ve learned from a ‘time management’ course.

Here it is ….

1. Get visual — we all walk around with our to-do lists in our heads — get into the disciple of offloading your brain and making your backlog visual.

2. Batch your work — how often do you say ‘let me just do it before i forget’ well STOP doing that. When you offload your brain you start to notice patterns in your work e.g.. arranging meetings, writing reports, expenses, emails etc. There’s a certain set-up time required to get into the mindset of writing a report or compiling your expenses. This set-up time can be a barrier to productivity or even a root of procrastination. Batching is a technique to reduce this set-up time and help you to stay ‘in the zone’. The idea is simple: store up similar tasks into batches, so that you do lots of them less often rather than more regularly as individual tasks.

3. Limit your work — i can only fit 3 post-it notes in my ‘Doing’ column at any point — whooo. This is crucial to control my workflow and hold myself accountable to complete these before i move on — otherwise its just a big to-do list.

See your results — at the end of the day you look at the pile of post-it’s in the Done column and it been a good day. You might think this sounds silly but when you embrace these 3 principles you’ll be surprised at how much more efficiently you’ll find you become.

Can anyone share their productivity secrets?

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