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Action Required: Your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies. How to resolve it?

Being an Android dev for almost half a decade, I observe the significant and drastic change of the Android open-source technology, as well as its main app listing platform, Google Play when it comes to compliance and listing terms.

Lately I noticed one of my listed app who does not entirely collect user data online had this issue:

So for this article, I will cover on how to fix this specific issue, covering Google Play’s Data Safety Form. Also make sure your app’s data collection mechanism is the same as mine. Else, you might need to re-evaluate and check the Data Safety Form further, and fill-out the form accordingly on what fits your app.

So without further ado, here’s how you resolve it in simple steps:

  1. Go to your Google Play Console, on the concerned app’s dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom-most part of the left sidebar, and click on App content, under the Policy section.
  3. Scroll on the App content page, look for Data safety, and click on Manage.
  4. The first step of the Data safety page will be the Overview. Here you will be briefed about the form, data to be collected, and things you will disclose to your user. They also provided links for further explanations. Then if you’re done reading, click on Next.
  5. This brings you to the second step of the Data safety, the Data collection and security. Here you click Yes on the 3 radio button inputs:
    - Does your app collect or share any of the required user data types?
    - Is all of the user data collected by your app encrypted in transit?
    - Do you provide a way for users to request that their data is deleted?
  6. Then you proceed to the third step of the Data safety, the Data types. Here you will disclose what data types you collect from your users. So in this section, scroll down to the bottom-most part, look for Device or other IDs, click on Show on the right-most part of its panel, check the checkbox, and click Next.
  7. This will bring you to the fourth step of the Data safety page, the Data usage and handling. Here you will disclose on how you handle data types you collect from your users. So click on Start on the right-most panel of the Device or other IDs, and here are the following answers to the set of checkbox forms that will be provided:
    - Is this data collected, shared, or both? Collected
    - Is this data processed ephemerally? Yes
    - Is this data required for your app, or can users choose whether it’s collected? Users can choose whether this data is collected
    - Why is this user data collected? App functionality
    Then click on Save.
  8. And finally, click Next then Save, and the app will be reviewed and approved by the Google Play team.

I hope this finally fix your issue. Take note this may vary depending on how your app collects and handles user data. Have a good day, and keep coding!

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