Bringing the Internet Computer Protocol Blockchain to Bicol Region

ICP-Manila and SparkLearn EdTech introduce the network to the Bicolano builders.

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Blockchain technology has been gaining much attention in recent years, and it’s not just limited to the financial industry. This technology can transform industries by decentralizing systems and reducing the need for intermediaries. The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) blockchain is one such blockchain that has been gaining traction in the developer community. To help Bicolano developers understand the technology and learn how to build decentralized applications (dapps) on it, ICP-Manila and SparkLearn EdTech designed a hands-on workshop.

Representatives from the government and the private sector, together with Computer Science and Information Technology students, attended “Building on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Blockchain: A Hands-on Workshop for Bicolano Developers” last March 11, 2023, at the Events Hall, Sunshine Skills Training and Development Center, Tagas, Daraga, Albay.

The workshop introduced Bicolano developers to the ICP blockchain, its capabilities, and why it’s an ideal platform for building dapps. The ICP blockchain is a public blockchain designed to be scalable, efficient, and secure. It has a unique architecture allowing it to support unlimited smart contract canisters and run them at web speed.

Local Pioneers in the Blockchain Revolution

The leaders of the local organizations leading in the blockchain space. (From left to right: Carl Andrei Bongalos of SparkPoint, Nelson Lumbres of ICP Manila, Melissa Mesias and Harvey Javier of SparkLearn EdTech, Josh Henry Regondola of Bicol IT, and John Anthony Balbin of MetaSaga Warriors.)

Several local organizations are leading the charge in pioneering the blockchain revolution. These organizations are actively engaged in developing and implementing blockchain-based solutions, and they are making significant contributions to the growth and adoption of this technology.

ICP-Manila and SparkLearn EdTech are not alone in stepping up for this occasion, as Bicol IT, Ownly, SparkPoint, and MetaSaga Warriors supported the workshop. These local organizations have been at the forefront of this revolution. They are also instrumental in driving the development and adoption of blockchain technology through their innovative solutions, education and training programs, and community outreach initiatives.

Mastering the Basics

Emilio Canessa, the Marketing & Special Projects Manager of DFINITY Foundation, joined the event virtually to discuss the benefits of building in the ICP blockchain. He also presented the latest features and updates of the ICP blockchain, including Social Network Service (SNS) and cross-chain Bitcoin (ckBTC) integration.

One of the key benefits of the ICP blockchain is its ability to support smart contract canisters. Canisters are self-contained units of code that can be deployed and executed independently, making them more efficient than traditional smart contracts. Canisters can also be composed together to create more complex dapps, and they can communicate among themselves using the ICP’s messaging system.

Nelson Lumbres, ICP-Manila’s Business Leader, added that the ICP blockchain offers low to no gas fees in development compared to other blockchain networks. He also reiterated the importance of having control over the applications developed.

The participants gained valuable hands-on experience working with this cutting-edge technology, which will help them to explore new possibilities and contribute to the growth of the ICP blockchain ecosystem.

The workshop provided step-by-step instructions on creating a static website on the ICP blockchain. The participants also learned how to leverage the IC’s unique features, such as its blockchain-based domain name system (BNS) and canister-based smart contracts, to build a decentralized and censorship-resistant website accessible worldwide.

The Promise of More

This hands-on workshop designed by ICP-Manila and SparkLearn EdTech is an excellent opportunity for Bicolano developers to learn about the ICP blockchain and how to create decentralized applications on it. The workshop also provided participants with valuable experience and equipped them with the skills they needed to contribute to the growth of the ICP blockchain ecosystem. Through this workshop, Bicolano developers can be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution and help shape the future of the technology.

Nelson Lumbres also continues hinting about the workshop as the “first of a series of workshops” and a “first step” to the development on top of the ICP blockchain. We can rest assured that there will be more learning and hands-on experience for the upskilling of our Bicolano builders.

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