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Scarcity of Web3 Developers in the Philippines

Addressing its worldwide shortage and leveraging it to make the Philippines a leader in web3 building.

The Dearth of Blockchain Developers

This shortage is undeniable, and companies are already experiencing it as a blocker.


According to Forbes, as there is a grand vision and outlook for the future of the internet and global finance through web3, one thing that stands in the way is the lack of people to make it happen. These people pertain to blockchain developers. The scarcity of web3 programmers hinders its growth.


Upon interacting with several web3 companies during our trips for web3 events within and outside the country, most have the same problem onboarding blockchain developers on their teams. With this, some web3 start-ups would resort to outsourcing their blockchain developers from countries like Vietnam and India.

Initiatives of Onboarding Developers

There is a problem that needs a solution, and the Philippine government and local firms are already taking action.

Upskilling Programs

Upskilling programs like training and bootcamps are needed initiatives to onboard developers in web3.

With SparkLearn EdTech CEO Melissa Mesias with the Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Cohort 2 students at the Marina Bay Sands for Token2049 Singapore.
With TZAPAC, Tezos Philippines, SparkLearn EdTech, SparkPoint Technologies, Web3 Philippines, and workshop participants at Draper Startup House Manila for the Introduction to Tezos and Smart Contracts workshop.


Tech-focused conferences are also perfect avenues to entice and onboard developers. These help them keep up with the rapid pace of the tech industry and be familiar with new emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

At DSH Manila’s Bitcoin Beer & Bitstories (BBB), an event co-presented by Michael Mislos of BitPinas. A wrap-up of the web3 conferences that happened in Q4 of 2022. I represented BBC2022 with my co-panelists, Christopher Star for Web3 PH Summit, Jen Bilango and Luis Buenaventura for PH Web3 Festival, and Emmy Lou Delfin for Global Blockchain Summit.


As blockchain and web3 continue to gain traction, the shortage of its developers should also be addressed. The Philippines’ lead in terms of being a consumer is a step to educate the citizens about the underlying technology of the platforms they are using.



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