A squirrel wins a bravery award!

A small and entertaining tale for children, in which a squirrel helps the cops to nab a thief.

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There was once a little boy about five years old. His name was Tommy. He liked to play outside a lot.

One day while he was waiting for his friends in the garden, he found a young squirrel. The squirrel was hurt badly. He did not know what to do. He tried to walk away, but he felt sorry for the squirrel. He hesitated to touch the squirrel. His hands shook. He looked around to see if we can find something to carry the squirrel with. All that he could find was a big green leaf.

Tommy picked her up gently and took her home. With his mother’s help he bandaged the squirrel’s wounds. He then made a tiny, cozy bed for her. She was so tired that she fell asleep immediately.

As days passed Tommy and the squirrel became good friends. He decided to call her Fommy. Fommy loved to run in the sun and have fun. She loved to climb on Tommy’s back and tickle him until he would ring the bell and say “Get, set, go!” Fommy then would set off in full speed.

One chilly night after everyone had gone to bed, Fommy heard a sound in the hall. Fommy crept out of her bed to take a look. In the dim light of the moon she saw a thief climbing out of the window. The thief called out to his partner and said “All set, go!” But Fommy heard it as “Get, set, go!”

Fommy took off immediately behind the thief. She climbed down the man’s hand as he was trying to climb down a rope. He yelled “Help! I think I have got a snake with fur on my hand!”

The partner yelled back “Nonsense, don’t you know snakes don’t have fur? Drop the bag down!” Just then, Fommy ran again on the thief’s hand. Terrified he let his hand go and landed in a garbage fill down below.

The sound woke up everyone in the building. Tommy woke up with a start and was quick to notice that Fommy was not in bed. Hearing some noise outside, Tommy looked out. He saw the guards running and catch hold of a man who was trying to run away. He pointed out to the other thief who was covered in muck and oh stinking away to glory!

Tommy rushed down with his parents. He was worried about Fommy and wanted to look for him.

Downstairs, Tommy felt relieved when he found Fommy seated on a window sill.

Tommy asked, “Fommy, why are you out in the cold instead of being in bed?”

Just then, a guard came up to Tommy and explained how Fommy had created the racket and that’s why they were able to nab the thieves. They were about to get away with precious jewellery.

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/squirrel-common-squirrel-eating-1407699/

Fommy was awarded a nice little trophy for his bravery. He posed shyly for photographs. Tommy took him home soon afterwards. Fommy was very tired after all the attention at the award ceremony. He fell asleep in his tiny and cozy bed with the trophy on his side table.

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