Chatty Tooth

Somewhere in the world, in someone’s mouth, there lived a tooth who was very cheerful, until one day something happened. It was the day when a big blob of sugar sat on her and refused to move.

Source: Pixabay

A tooth had just found her way up. Her owner had a lot of other teeth. They all looked at her and said, “Ah! good to see you finally!”. She loved to chat and so she chatted and chatted. So, they called her Chatty Tooth. She said a lot of funny things which made all the other teeth laugh. But sometimes her jokes would get interrupted as her owner would put some food inside. The surroundings would move really fast, meaning it was time to chew. Soon it became difficult to talk even as there was food sitting on her all the time. The Tongue said he would help as it was so boring not to hear her talk. He tried to scrape off as much as he could, so that she could talk and make everyone laugh again.

But this happened too many times. In fact it just grew worse. One day, a big blog of Sugar sat on her. The Tongue tried and tried. But it was of no use. The tongue could do nothing but respectfully ask the big blob of 
Sugar to move.

But Sugar said, “I am stuck! Can you please help?”

Tongue said, “I will try once again.” But it hurt and the Sugar got even more stuck.

The chatty tooth remained silent. The others got bored until someone had a brilliant idea.

“Why don’t you pain? Then our owner will be forced to do something about it!”

“That’s a great idea!” said Chatty tooth. She started to pain. The owner realised he had to do something. This tooth was hurting. Suddenly chatty tooth saw something coming towards her and scrapping her. She did not like it. She tried all sorts of things. She caused pain, then she caused irritation. The owner was hating it, but there was nothing he could do. After what seemed like a really, really long time, she could finally breathe. The other teeth rejoiced.

Later, they all felt the soft brush with cool toothpaste rubbing against them. Chatty tooth loved it and she said, “Now that is called a good massage!”

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