Making of the book “Triangle Fish Goes Missing!”

What I love about writing stories for children is the fact that I can use fantasy to create delightful scenarios which are simply not possible in reality. For instance, in my latest picture book “Triangle Fish Goes Missing!” the three friends Puffer fish, Angler fish and Triangle fish feast on chocolate bubbles in the ocean! It is a story for children and has to have something that would hold their attention.

Imagine how banal it would be if the book description reads, “The three fish eat other fish. Triangle fish eats too much and gets into trouble.” On the contrary, if the book description reads, “Triangle fish loves the chocolate bubbles and cannot stop eating it. He gets greedy and goes looking for more chocolate bubbles without knowing that trouble awaits him.”

The characters:

Puffer fish:

Puffer fish in reality puff up as a defence mechanism. They have elastic stomachs which allows them to bloat either by taking in air or water. As a result they become an inedible ball. In addition they contain a toxin that is extremely poisonous.

Looking at pictures of the puffer fish I thought to myself ‘He looks so cute’ and I simply had to have him as a cute character in the book. I tried illustrating him in different ways but what got chosen finally won my heart and he had to be the hero of my book.

Puffer fish

Angler fish:

The female Angler fish have an extension of the spinal bone at the end of which is luminous flesh. It hangs over her mouth. Male Angler fish do not have this and are dependent on the females. Apparently they are very ugly. Pictures online very much confirmed that fact. Yet there was something fascinating about her- that flesh that looks like a light bulb.

Although she is ugly, I could not let her go. A quick online search indicated that she has not appeared much in picture books. In fact, I could find only one picture book with a story featuring her as a character. The reason perhaps is her appearance. I thought to myself that her light bulb can be of some use. I eventually did find some use for her ‘light bulb’ in the book. Being the hero’s (Puffer fish) friend her character had to have some more depth not just a fish with a ‘light bulb’. So I made her an angry fish who keeps getting angry especially with Triangle fish. Since she is short tempered, she just cannot make decisions with a cool head in times of crisis. She simply is not a leader.

Angler fish in my imagination

Triangle Fish

He is a figment of my imagination. I had a pea-brain character in mind, who does not think at all when it comes to food. He loves food and can eat anything anywhere. Triangle fish fit the bill perfectly.

Although he is a dumbhead in the story, he has an important role to play. He is the one who sets the story rolling. His immense desire to eat gets him into serious trouble and he goes missing. He is lucky to have good friends like Puffer and Angler who care about him.

Triangle fish

The ocean is vast. Triangle fish can be anywhere. Puffer fish and Angler fish must come up with a plan to find him fast and save him from danger. Find out how on the ebook: “Triangle Fish Goes Missing!” now available on the stands on