“The Little Pea.”

A very beautiful and very cute book on aspiring to be different.

Source: Amazon

The first thing that struck me about this book is the simplicity of the illustrations. Simplicity can be very powerful and this book’s illustrations prove that fact.

The hero of the book is that little pea you see on the cover. He knows his purpose is to serve a seed so that more pea plants can grow. But he wants to be something more than a usual seed like the other peas. He wants to be handsome, strong and big. How can a little pea be all of that you ask? Find a way to get your hands on this book if you would like to find out how. He manages it all. He gets laughed at. But never does he get bogged down. He is an achiever!

We enjoyed lying down on our backs and reading this book. We took our time in observing the simple illustrations, some of them made us laugh and adore the little pea more. The ending of the book left us with loads of happiness and inspiration to do something different, believe in it and make it happen, no matter what.

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