The Tale of Two Fearless Crows

I stumbled upon the photograph below by accident. These two lovely crows got my imagination running. Try and catch it:)

Source: Pixabay

In a small village somewhere in the world, there lived two very adventurous and naughty crows. They feared nothing and loved exploring the world together. Although their home was in the village, they had travelled quite a bit. It was not just travel that they loved. They loved being photographed too!

One of them once forced a buck to pose with him as he wanted a unique shot of the forest he had visited. He did not want just trees as someone might think he was flying through a park.

Source: Pixabay

During one of their travels they met a very young photographer who was just 8 years old. His name was David. David loved running around with his camera and pretty much taking photos of whatever he could find.

Source: Pixabay

Crow 1 met David when he was about to fly with a stick in his beak. David called out before he took a snap. He even offered some food and water. But Crow 1 flew away. David looked sad. He looked at the picture he had taken and wondered what he had done to scare the bird away. In matter of minutes, Crow 1 came with Crow 2. They finished the bowl of food and water in no time.

Source: Pixabay

They liked David’s neighbourhood and decided to build a nest somewhere nice for their little holiday. Together they found a beautiful tree in David’s garden.

The tree was a Gulmohar Tree. It was huge and had enough shade for a perfect nest.

About a month passed. The two crows started to get bored doing nothing but wait for food to be served.

Crow 1: “Why don’t we do some mischief or may be go on an adventure?”

Crow 2: “Adventure? That sounds so good! But that would mean leaving this place and that friendly boy. His snacks are really delicious. I can’t imagine going back to eat garbage again. Yuck!”

Crow 1: “We don’t have to leave this place. That would be big mistake. How about flying around a little beyond this neighbourhood. Let’s go exploring.”

Crow 2: “That sounds like a good idea!”

They started to fly around a bit when..

Crow 1: “Ah I have lost touch with flying for long. Let’s take a ride!”

Crow 2: “Let’s take that car. That looks like the little boy’s neighbour. We could sit on that car. We can be sure he would get us back home later.”

And so the crows sat on Mr.Picklewitty’s car. Mr. Picklewitty worked far away. So it was a long drive. The crows got thirsty. Just then

Crow 1: “I think I spotted a bottle in the backseat.”

Crow 2: “How do we drink from a bottle?”

Crow 1: “Simple peck and tear with your beak, silly.”

When the car slowed down to take a turn into a grocery store, the two crows flew inside. Mr.Picklewitty stopped the car and walked into a grocery store. The crows did not see the windows close. They were too busy trying to peck the bottle. They finally managed to make a hole and had several sips of water. Water spilled all over the seat. Crow 1 tried to fly out and hit his beak hard on the glass.

Crow 1: “When did thin air turn into something so hard?”

Crow 2: “Silly that is what human beings call glass. We are trapped. We can’t get out until this man gets back.”

Mr.Picklewitty did not get back. He had parked his car near the grocery store and had taken the train to work. The crows were trapped. They flew around in the car frantically.

They hit the glass “BAM!”. Passersby noticed but there was little they could do. It was someone’s car!

Crow 1: “What kind of animals human beings are! We are stuck in here and they just look and walk away. Can’t they help?”

Crow 2: “Not everyone is like that little boy. I guess we made a mistake venturing out on our own like this.”

Crow 1: “You have changed. When did you become such a home bird. Now let’s put our brains together and find a way. It is getting very hot in here.”

After flying and pecking around, they rested in the seat. It was of no use.

Crow 1: “I am tired of sitting around. Let me see if I can open the windows by sitting on one of the knobs.”

He flew and sat on the horn that blew it’s head off, throwing everyone around off their feet. “PAAAM!” Crow 1 and Crow 2 were terrified. They did not anticipate that.

Crow 2 was the first one to notice someone like David standing near a car and staring in their direction. Luckily for them David had been picked up by his mom that day and she had stopped by the grocery store. The two crows started to fly around again. David recognised them. He called his mother, asked others for help, but no one could do anything. It was someone’s car. There was no way they could break in.

Crow 1: “What is the little boy doing now? He is just talking to everyone instead of helping us out. What is wrong with these human beings?”

Crow 2: “Be patient. I think something will work out. Maybe he is trying to find a way to break the glass.”

Few minutes later, David’s mother was talking on the phone to someone.

Crow 1: “You really think that little boy is going to help. He is looking at his mother hold something to her ear! I wonder what is so great about her holding something to her ear! Some vague human custom I suppose. Are they going to helps us at all? I can’t take this any more. You are right we should not have attempted this at all….”

Crow 2: “Shh…quiet.”

David’s mother was calling Mr.Picklewitty. And then they waited.

Crow 1: “Now what? They are looking at us like some animals in the zoo. Oh no! Is that where they are taking us? No I don’t want to go….”

Crow 2: “Stop screaming and save some energy will ya.”

Moments later Mr.Picklewitty came looking shocked. He stood at a distance looking scared. He slowly opened the car door and left it wide open. He ran away as fast as he could.

The crows flew out and landed on David’s shoulders. His mother screamed and tried to shoo them away.

David said, “It’s ok Mom, they are my friends.”

His mother said: “What!…”

Mr.Picklewitty interrupted quickly, “David what were they doing in my car? Don’t tell me I drove with crows in my backseat!”

David said, “Sir, I have no idea why they are in your backseat. All that I know is that they built a nest on the Gulmohar tree outside our house. They might have accidentally got into your car this morning.”

The crows sat on David’s mother’s car hood back home.

From then on there was not a single day when Mr.Picklewitty would not check his backseat before he got into his car.

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