Women & Economics

Over the course of one month, 9 media coming from different countries will take part in a 4-week digital editorial program designed to highlight and explore why women matter, and show concrete solutions to the challenges Women and Girls are confronted with everyday.

This week, immerse yourself in concrete solutions to the vast challenges of women in economics.

* Nebeday, a new way for women to have incomes

Nebeday is an social enterprise that enables Senegalese women from rural areas to obtain new forms of income outside of the traditional harvesting period through the cultivation and transformation of the moringa plant. The plant has a positive environmental impact and is also nutritionally rich. The project also raises awareness of the need for sustainable resource management and the positive impact women can have on the development of local economy.

“The wish of Nebeday association is to work with women who are serious and dynamic in what they do, as they are the strongest link in society.”

* Bread & Roses, a flourishing future for the refugee women of London

In response to such social issues, one social enterprise in East London has taken it in to their own hands to use floristry to integrate some of the city’s most vulnerable migrant women into the working world. Bread & Roses uses floristry training to help women develop professional and life skills. Women are also provided a safe space in which to build upon their English language skills and to bolster their confidence.

“Floristry is easy to learn and the skills that you pick up means that you can have an income in the future.”

Discover this inspiring story by reading the article of The Nation (EN)

* Priyadarshini Taxi Service, a cab service to help women take control of their lives

Priyadarshini Taxi Service is an initiative implemented by Susieben Shah, an entrepreneur and social activist. She is also a politician working hard towards social and economic development of the backward and poor society. Women empowerment has been Susie’s mission as she believes that women are important building blocks of the society. “Women, she urges, can manage a household and a profession effectively and efficiently because of their motherly and caretaking nature.”

Discover the story of these women by reading the article by The Hindu (EN) or La Tribune De Genève (FR)
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