Finding the Next Hidden Gem Through Sparky VIP Club

An exclusive lounge for million-holder Sparkies

3rd Update:

You may check your email address that you used on your application here for the status of your application. If your email is on the list and haven’t joined the official Telegram group yet, you may Karan Sharma, our Partnership and Outreach Manager, on Telegram ( to assist you.

2nd Update:

For those who have submitted their application for Sparky VIP Club from October 31 to November 13, 2021, an email from stating the status of your application has already been sent.

For those who haven’t received a response yet, please contact Karan Sharma, our Partnership and Outreach Manager, on Telegram (

In the interest of the continuous support and loyalty of Sparkies, SRK token enthusiasts, and holders, SparkPoint Global Ventures (SGV) is pleased to introduce the Sparky VIP Club. The club aims to offer exclusive membership perks for SRK holders. The team is set to reward SRK holders exclusive access to private pre-sales or seed rounds through SGV’s network of portfolio projects and partners.

SparkPoint Global Venture’s hunt for the next Hidden Gem

SGV’s goal is to invest in the next generation of cutting-edge blockchain and cryptocurrency projects with global impact, and this includes investing in startup projects during private pre-sales or seed rounds. A membership in Sparky VIP Club guarantees exclusive access to join and participate in these private pre-sales that are mostly accessible only to venture capital firms. Members also have the privilege to interact with the official team through an exclusive open communication channel of SGV. You’ll receive up-to-date info, exclusive news scoops that are only shared exclusively in the network of investors within SGV.

Sparky VIP Club membership

To become a member, the only requirement is to own and hold a minimum of 1 million $SRK or $SRKb tokens in their wallet, and these tokens should be unstaked or currently present in their wallet address. The said tokens are to be held for as long as the member is willing to stay in the club. Holding tokens below the minimum number required may lead to revocation of the right of the member to stay in the club.

As good practice, SGV will perform strict due diligence and analysis of all potential projects that will be offered through the Sparky VIP Club.

A 5% fee is also charged for every pre-sale opportunity offered to and taken by the member. The percentage will be computed based on the value (in USD) of the member’s stake in the project. This fee serves as a convenience fee while the team manages the club and is lower than industry average.

To apply for a membership, you may apply here. Please fill out the form completely and always check the correct input of details. A confirmation email will be sent shortly after the team has reviewed the application.

Stay tuned as the team will soon post new updates on our Website, Twitter, and Facebook page.




Investing in the next generation of cutting edge blockchain and cryptocurrency projects with global impact.

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