Introducing GIFjam for Messenger

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest app, GIFjam for Messenger. Available in the App Store today, GIFjam lets you create and send your own animated GIF memes directly to friends on Facebook Messenger.

Everything we’ve ever built has been about making communication ridiculously expressive and fun. With the new Messenger Platform, we’ve been able to work with the Facebook team to offer hundreds of millions of people a much more powerful way for you to say what you feel.

GIFjam for Messenger is absurdly easy to use. To begin, have a pulse. (If you do, you have the necessary feels within to use GIFjam.) On a single screen, you can search for GIFs by keyword, find a GIF by an emotion or record your own. Customize it with text and fonts if you want. Then just send it to any of your Facebook friends in the Messenger app.

The feels are real, and they are waiting to be sent. Download GIFjam for Messenger today. We hope you love it!

Sparks Labs is a team of five based in San Francisco. We are the creators of MeRightNow and GIFjam for Messenger.

Find the perfect GIF.
Caption it with fun fonts.
Send it to Messenger
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